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Romeo Escobar reveals reaction from family that found out he was gay on Survivor
The third-place finisher also says he almost gave away his immunity and went to fire instead
Jinkx Monsoon explains why she blocked Shea Couleé on Drag Race All Stars 7: 'I was trying to think clairvoyantly'
Snatch Game icon Jinkx tells EW she thought the next RuPaul's Drag Race AS7 challenge might be a ball, so she blocked a fashion queen — plus, hear her react to a voice note from Dave!
Revisiting questionable Asian portrayals in film: A cultural sensitivity expert weighs in
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Lindsay Dolashewich explains why she changed her Survivor winner vote
The fifth place finisher also calls Jonathan out for being a misogynist on the island and reveals she fake cried as part of her strategy.
Mike Turner says final Survivor Tribal Council was like 'falling off a cliff'
"It's like you're falling off a cliff, and you see the last little vine and you go to grab it, but there's grease on that vine, you slip and you fall off the mountain."
The Circle season 4 winner reveals the 'cringey' flirting you didn't see

"I don't know if he was flirting with me because he was flirting, or he was flirting just to be flirting with everybody, or if he even thought it was flirting," [SPOILER] says.