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Stop! We have reached the limits of what true-story TV can teach us!
'WeCrashed', 'The Dropout', 'The Girl From Plainville', 'Super Pumped', 'Winning Time', 'Pam & Tommy' — TV is obsessed with true-life adaptations, which would be fine if they weren't all so mediocre.
It's Showtime! The Winning Time dream team on capturing the Laker magic
Succession producer Adam McKay shoots for another buzzy HBO hit with an inside look at Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and the rest of the 1980s Lakers.
HBO brings the Magic with first trailer for Showtime-era Lakers series
Adam McKay's Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty will premiere in March with 10 episodes.
Ultra City Smiths review: An ultra- great reason to subscribe to one more streaming service
Why you should definitely, definitely watch the new hard-boiled stop-motion mystery musical about societal corruption starring sad dolls who sing funny songs

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