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Batman rewatch: Has Batman & Robin gotten better or did everything else get worse?
Mr. Freeze still stinks, but some of the outlandish spectacle was prophetic.
Batman rewatch: Batman Forever brings sexy back to Gotham, but its tacky charms only go so far
Val Kilmer's lips star in Joel Schumacher's alluring yet overstuffed franchise debut, which is only the right kind of stupid about a quarter of the time.
Death-drop over Laganja Estranja's killer 'Poison Ivy' tribute to Uma Thurman
EW exclusively premieres Laganja's recreation of Thurman's legendary Batman & Robin villain in the music video for her new song. "She's a strong female, quite like myself!"
Batman costumes through the years
Now that the trailer for The Batman, directed by Matt Reeves and starring Robert Pattison, was finally unveiled at this month's DC FanDome virtual event, let's take a walk back through the history of the Dark Knight's costumes. 
Joel Schumacher, director of The Lost Boys and Batman films, dies at 80
The filmmaker's many other credits include St. Elmo's Fire, Falling Down, The Client, Flatliners, and Tigerland.

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