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Survivor 42 finale recap: A legend is born
She came. She saw. She laughed. She cried. She won.
And the Survivor 42 winner is...
Five players entered the Survivor finale thunderdome, but only one exited a winner.
The Survivor 42 final five speak!
Mike, Maryanne, Romeo, Jonathan, and Lindsay tell EW all about their first 23 days in the game.
Survivor 42 recap: Maryanne takes command
Dismissed by her tribe mates as an afterthought, Maryanne transformed into a one-woman wrecking crew and pulled off the move of the season.
Romeo says he will claim the Survivor pageant world sash and crown
In an EW exclusive deleted scene, Romeo talks heels, bling, and swimsuit competitions.
Survivor 42 recap: Drea sabotages her own game
A player's habit of sharing secrets about her own advantages finally catches up with her.

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Tori Meehan weighs on that intense Survivor Tribal Council
"I felt like the most important thing I could do was to let them talk, and for me to listen, because there are things I can learn in that moment too."
Watch Romeo come out as gay to his entire tribe in Survivor deleted scene
"I didn't come into Survivor with the intention of hiding my sexuality, but I was put in a tribe with one of the most macho men out here, with Rocksroy, so I just didn't say anything."
Survivor 42 reveals first twist of the game

You can watch the first four minutes of the Survivor 42 premiere right now, complete with twist info for the coming season.