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The Contenders, 2022 Edition
There's nothing like Oscar season to get our competitive juices flowing. The front-runners may be obvious by now, so let's advocate for the actors, directors, and one rock-star composer we'd like to see go the distance.
In Being the Ricardos, J.K. Simmons turns grump into gold
As I Love Lucy’s William Frawley, the Oscar winner gives the film some grade-A sass.
Fact or Fiction: Inside the surprising true stories behind Aaron Sorkin's I Love Lucy movie
We fact-check 'Being the Ricardos' and just how much they get right about 'I Love Lucy'
Being the Ricardos review: Aaron Sorkin goes full inside-baseball in talky Lucille Ball biopic
The famed writer-director often mistakes the sausage-making for the story in a film confined to seven tense days on the 'I Love Lucy' set.

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