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The View cohost ecstatic over lone audience clapper: 'I have a fan for once!'
Alyssa Farah Griffin channeled Meghan McCain as she acknowledged an audience member who clapped in support of her point.
Watch Jane Fonda throw scroll at top prize winner during live Cannes awards
Fonda tossed the scroll at Justine Triet after the filmmaker won the Palme d'Or for Anatomy of a Fall.
Diana Lee Inosanto teases Magistrate backstory reveal on Ahsoka
The actress didn't even know her character had a name when she appeared on The Mandalorian, but we're about to learn a lot more about Morgan Elsbeth.
'Saving Face' director Alice Wu looks back on her 2004 queer romantic comedy
The writer-director reflects on her first film and how the industry has changed in the nearly two decades since its debut.
Rock band Royal Blood flips off crowd, storms off stage at BBC music festival: 'That was so pathetic'
"I guess I should introduce ourselves, seeing as no one actually knows who we are," frontman Mike Kerr said on stage Sunday at BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend festival.

20 years of Wrong Turn: How a movie about murderous cannibals became an unkillable franchise
The Eliza Dushku-starring 2003 horror film was followed by six other movies, with two more planned. Some of the key figures in front of and behind the camera explained how it happened.
Jeremy Strong really drank that disgusting smoothie during the Succession finale

The actor went method to consume a cocktail of milk, Tabasco, bread crusts, Branston Pickle, raw eggs, cocoa powder, and Sarah Snook's spit.