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Spirited Away is becoming a play
For the first time, one of Hayao Miyazaki's beloved animated movies is coming to the stage.
French Dispatch, Soul announced as part of Cannes Film Festival 2020 lineup
56 films — including new projects from Wes Anderson, Steve McQueen, and Pixar — will still be given the Cannes label despite the event being canceled due to coronavirus.
Streaming, more Miyazaki, and reminiscence: How Studio Ghibli is adapting for the future
Co-founder Toshio Suzuki on lifting the ban on streaming Ghibli films and where the famed animation house is heading now.
Studio Ghibli co-founder teases Hayao Miyazaki's next 'big, fantastical' film
Toshio Suzuki, a producer at Studio Ghibli, also hinted at the new "computer-generated" animated movie from Miyazaki's son.

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