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Gordon Ramsay donated $50,000 to late MasterChef Junior contestant Ben Watkins' cancer treatment
Ben Watkins died Monday after an 18-month battle with a rare form of cancer called angiomatoid fibrous histiocytoma. He was only 14.
Watch Gordon Ramsay get pooped on while milking a cow in Uncharted clip
The MasterChef may be a pro in the kitchen, but when it comes to farming, accidents happen.
Gordon Ramsay on Uncharted, Scrambled, and entertaining during quarantine
The hotheaded chef tells us how he keeps cool in crazy situations on his wild National Geographic travel series.
Watch Gordon Ramsay grill tarantulas in first Uncharted season 2 trailer
The 'Masterchef' heads off for new eating adventures in Norway, Indonesia, and Tasmania in exclusive trailer for 'Uncharted" season 2.

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