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Glenn Close to reprise her Guardians of the Galaxy role inside new Disney World coaster
Nova Prime Irani Rael is set to return in the story for Epcot's first roller coaster: the backwards-launching Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind.
Lizzy Caplan is playing the Glenn Close role in a Fatal Attraction TV series
The Masters of Sex star will play Alex in Paramount+'s reimagining of the '80s thriller.
2022 Oscar predictions: Lady Gaga, Kristen Stewart, more contenders to look out for
EW kicks off awards season with an early look at potential contenders for the 2022 Oscars, from House of Gucci and Spencer to Dune and Bruised.
Glenn Close opens up about 'childhood trauma' from growing up in a 'cult'
The actress is among the celebrities sharing their personal stories in the new AppleTV+ series 'The Me You Can't See'
Oprah and Prince Harry's mental health docuseries to premiere in May, feature star-studded guests
Other participants in the Apple TV+ series include Glenn Close, San Antonio Spurs star DeMar DeRozan, celebrity chef Rashad Armstead, and more.

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Glenn Close pitches Cruella de Vil sequel idea set in the sewers of NYC
Glenn Close reveals she wants to return as Cruella de Vil in a third '101 Dalmatians' film, and gives an update on her 'Sunset Boulevard' movie.