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Director Todd Haynes breaks down Velvet Goldmine's 'That's me!' moment
The director discusses working with Christian Bale and their most recent reunion at the Oscars.
Drag Race designer Zaldy says RuPaul's patch dress wasn't an ode to Maddy Morphosis
The Emmy-winning fashion ace also reveals which of the All Stars 7 queens' looks from the episode 7 tribute to RuPaul gave him "goosebumps" on the runway.
Melissa Barrera survives a plane crash and gets stranded in the wilderness in Keep Breathing trailer
The Netflix drama centers on a New York attorney who gets stranded in the wilderness and has to survive on her own.
La Brea season 2 first-look teaser cracks open some hints to finale cliffhangers
"We will no longer be telling a concurrent story in modern-day Los Angeles," says creator David Appelbaum. "Instead, we will be telling a story in 1988 Los Angeles."

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Original Thackery Binx voice actor not returning as black cat for Hocus Pocus 2

EW has confirmed Jason Marsden does not reprise his voice role as the beloved black cat Thackery Binx — a character whose human form was played by Sean Murray in the 1993 film.