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Jeff Probst addresses his future as Survivor host
"I love Survivor and I still need Survivor," says the host and showrunner about how long he plans to keep going as the face of the franchise.
Christian Bale unearths an Edgar Allan Poe origin story in The Pale Blue Eye trailer
Bale and director Scott Cooper unpack the new footage of the gothic thriller.
Get a sneak peek at former FBI director James Comey's debut novel
Central Park West: A Crime Novel centers on a gay federal prosecutor and is inspired by Comey's two daughters.

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Jaskier is back! See an exclusive look at the fan-favorite Witcher minstrel in Blood Origin
Joey Batey reprises his role from the main series in the prequel, set 1,200 years in the past.
Norman Reedus says his Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon spin-off series is a 'reset'
With the new series now a few weeks into production, the Walking Dead star tells EW what to expect when Daryl does Europe.
Drag Race queen Manila Luzon gags over 'sexy,' deliciously 'disturbing' runways in first Drag Den trailer

EW has an exclusive peek at the new show, which features eight Filipino drag artists competing in hilariously menacing challenges.