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Tulsa King boss says Sylvester Stallone gets to flex his comedic muscles in new mob drama
"He's one of these sharp-witted, New York guys who is dropped into the middle of nowhere with people he has nothing in common with, so it can't help but lend itself to comedic situations."
The Big Brother season 24 jury speaks!
The show's eight (so far) jury members answer our burning questions before the finale, including: Which juror played the best game?
Tim Allen talks working with his real-life daughter on The Santa Clauses
The actor discusses his return to the big red suit for the new Disney+ series.
Julie Chen Moonves sizes up the Big Brother final three
The host weighs in on Taylor, Turner, and Monte's strengths and weaknesses heading into the season 24 finale.

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Peter Capaldi says he's a time traveler in trailer for thriller series The Devil's Hour

Thriller show 'The Devil's Hour' stars Jessica Raine as a troubled mom and Peter Capaldi as... who knows?