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Harvey Guillén teases What We Do in the Shadows season 5: 'Guillermo is taking matters into his own hands'
"The whole idea of becoming a vampire is becoming a vampire at a young age, where you're still youthful," explains the actor, who currently graces EW's 2023 Pride cover.
Harvey Guillén finds his light: The What We Do in the Shadows star on pride, perseverance, and Puss in Boots
“It's more important now than ever to be as loud as we can be, to create the queerest content we can,” says the Blue Beetle actor, who graces EW’s 2023 Pride cover.
Watch Harvey Guillén sing Wicked from memory — in Japanese
The What We Do in the Shadows star was cast as the Wizard in a Universal Studios Japan production of the Broadway musical while in college, and he still remembers all the words to "Sentimental Man."
The Flash filmmakers say movie was not in danger of shutting down over Ezra Miller controversy: 'That was never real'
Director Andy Muschietti and producer Barbara Muschietti address the situation surrounding the star, saying they "have a lot of empathy in general for people who need help, and especially in mental health issues."
Ahsoka star Ivanna Sakhno spills on 'ambitious Force-wielder' Shin Hati
"I really care so much about her, and I feel like it's my job to take care of her and protect her."

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Diana Lee Inosanto teases Magistrate backstory reveal on Ahsoka
The actress didn't even know her character had a name when she appeared on The Mandalorian, but we're about to learn a lot more about Morgan Elsbeth.