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Tyler explains why he didn't write Carly a letter in Teen Mom OG reunion sneak peek
On part 2 of the 'Teen Mom OG' reunion, Tyler and Catelynn discuss their sometimes-tense relationship with Carly's adoptive parents, Brandon and Teresa: "In the snap of a finger, they can take everything away."
Teen Mom OG reunion first look: It's Taylor vs. Larry!
Things get very tense between Maci's husband Taylor and Ryan's dad Larry in this exclusive clip from Tuesday's 'Teen Mom OG' reunion special.
TV doctors like Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz keep blowing it when talking coronavirus
Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, and Dr. Drew are all infected with foot-in-mouth disease.

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Which Succession couples will break up in season 3? We asked Dr. Drew
Nobody died in season 2, but there's still a lot of carnage left at Waystar Royco. Are Tom and Shiv on their way out? Is Logan a true psychopath? We asked an expert.