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Lin-Manuel Miranda unpacks the heartbreaking finale for His Dark Materials season 2
Miranda discusses the tragedies that befall His Dark Materials and what it means for season 3.
His Dark Materials renewed for season 3 to adapt The Amber Spyglass
A third season, adapting the finale to Philip Pullman's book trilogy, has been quietly in development since October.
The Subtle Knife cuts open new worlds in His Dark Materials season 2 full trailer
Season 2, adapting the events of The Subtle Knife, will premiere this Nov. 16.

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The great war begins in thrilling His Dark Materials season 2 trailer
The next season, based on The Subtle Knife novel, will premiere on HBO this November.
His Dark Materials lifts the veil on season 2 with first-look trailer
Season 2, premiering later this year, adapts the events of author Philip Pullman's The Subtle Knife.
His Dark Materials star opens up about that surprise character debut

The actor gives their first interview on the character's season 1 reveal.