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Conan O'Brien says former NBC executive tried to ban Norm Macdonald from his late-night show
The longtime host shared memories of the late comedian, his favorite guest, on a new episode of his podcast 'Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend.'
Conan had an awkward farewell, but Conan O'Brien isn't going anywhere
The host left late night in a sincere, meandering, clip-heavy finale.
Homer Simpson, Jimmy Kimmel, and more bid farewell to Conan O'Brien's 'mildly interesting' show
In a funny, full-circle clip, Homer sits the former Simpsons writer down for an exit interview.
Conan O'Brien says goodbye: 16 essential bits from his 28-year late-night run
As Conan O'Brien signs off from late night TV, EW celebrates the sketches and appearances that kept on giving over the years.

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Seth Rogen got Conan O'Brien to smoke a joint on stage before the final show
The actor and "weed professor" gave the late-night host a suggestion on how to spend his newfound free time.
Paul Rudd crashes final season of Conan for one last Mac and Me bit
The actor pulled the long-running gag one last time ahead of the TBS late-night show's series finale.

Bob Odenkirk still has a recording of Jeremy Irons yelling at him over bad Saturday Night Live monologue

"I played it for many people," Odenkirk said. "I don't know where it is now. It's at the bottom of a bin somewhere. It exists."