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Marvel's new Eternals comic is even better than the movie
Whether or not you enjoyed Chloe Zhao's superhero film, now streaming on Disney+, the ongoing series by Kieron Gillen, Esad Ribić, Matthew Wilson, and Clayton Cowles is a mind-blowing page-turner.
Eternals reigns with $161.7 million global opening weekend despite international hurdles
Mixed critical reviews and international locations dropping the title from theaters didn't stop Eternals from becoming No. 1 at the box office.
Eternals bypasses Thor: The Dark World as lowest-rated MCU movie on Rotten Tomatoes
Critics have been decidedly mixed on this latest cinematic serving of superheroes.

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Eternals reviews praise Chloé Zhao's 'ambitious approach,' criticize 'standard' Marvel formula
Critics say the Oscar-winning director brings her signature style to the MCU — but perhaps not enough of it.
Kumail Nanjiani endearingly refers to his Eternals superpowers as 'finger guns'

The actor and his Eternals costar Salma Hayek were a delight discussing their upcoming Marvel movie.