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Robert Downey Jr., Kate Hudson, and Anne Hathaway deemed among the worst performers of the year by Razzies
The Razzie Awards have named problematic movies '365 Days' and Sia's 'Music' as the worst of the year. See the list of nominees here.
EW's BINGE of Community is now available as a podcast
With Community now on Netflix, creator Dan Harmon and stars Joel McHale, Alison Brie, and more are walking us through the cult classic sitcom.
Joel McHale and Jim Rash on Community season 4: 'It was a very different feeling'
McHale and Rash talk the 'gas leak' season on the latest episode of EW's BINGE of Community.

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On EW's BINGE of Community, Jeong and Brown take us inside season 2's memorable episodes and the shocking Shirley-Chang hookup.