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Kevin Can F**k Himself star Mary Hollis Inboden on falling in love with Annie Murphy onscreen and off
The actress explains how her relationship with her Emmy-winning costar parallels their character arcs, and how Patty may feel like she wants "to be with Allison."
Annie Murphy says her Kevin Can F**k Himself role is 'worlds away' from Schitt's Creek
With her new role as a suffering sitcom wife on the innovative AMC dramedy, the Emmy winner jokes that there's "very little Alexis to be found." 
Kevin Can F**K Himself review: AMC's sitcom-wife satire puts style over substance
Annie Murphy stars as a desperately unhappy sitcom wife in AMC's 'Kevin Can F**K Himself,' but EW's critics aren't loving this marriage of multicam comedy and dark drama.
Go inside the official Schitt's Creek tie-in book from Dan and Eugene Levy
Finally! A complete and exhaustive catalog of David's knits and Moira's wigs.

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