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The Walking Dead showrunner on that fiery cliffhanger
Angela Kang explains Leah's shocking moves and the show's crazy new weapon as part 1 of the final season comes to a close.
The Walking Dead just introduced a total Jerky McJerkface
"This character, he's a little s‑‑‑," showrunner Angela Kang says of Pamela Milton's son Sebastian.
The Walking Dead showrunner on creating the horror house from hell
Showrunner Angela Kang explains what the heck was going on with Connie and Virgil's nightmarish scenario — and also weighs in on Daryl having to torture one of his own.
The Walking Dead's Commonwealth set is built where the Sanctuary and prison used to be
Showrunner Angela Kang also teases a possible opposites-attract romance between Mercer and Princess.
The Walking Dead showrunner on if Maggie has become an antihero
'She was an optimist and wants to do the right thing. But that also makes it progressively harder to get through each and every day.'

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan fought against saying that Glenn line on The Walking Dead
"I fought it!" says Jeffrey Dean Morgan of uttering Negan's shocking line. 'I immediately called and was like, "I can't say it. I can't f---ing bring up Glenn's name here."