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Harlem star Meagan Good on fighting misconceptions and finding support from costar Whoopi Goldberg
'Harlem' star Meagan Good tells EW that getting on the Prime Video comedy was part of her journey to break through misconceptions about her acting, and how she found support from Whoopi Goldberg on set.
Harlem trailer touts guest stars Whoopi Goldberg, Jasmine Guy, and a Cousin Skeeter reunion
Girls Trip writer Tracy Oliver delivers a fresh look at four best girlfriends trying their best to level up their professional and romantic lives in NYC on this Amazon Prime series.
Tracy Oliver gives a first look at Harlem, a more 'truthful' comedy about thirtysomethings
"Usually what I do when there's something missing that I really want to see is I just decide, okay, well I'll just write it. So I did."
Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers hilariously imagine a world where Daniel Day-Lewis was an SNL cast member
The Saturday Night Live alums reminisced about their auditions for the sketch show 20 years ago and the surprising people who were also there that day.
Amy Poehler talks to the Moxie cast about breaking rules and smashing the patriarchy
Poehler and her cast sit down for EW's Around the Table video series.

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