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Adrian Grenier admits that the Clickbait ending hit 'too close to home' for him
"I've had my own personal challenges with stalkers and scam artists online," the actor tells EW.
Adrian Grenier addresses those Entourage revival rumors: 'I'm pretty open to anything'
Plus, the actor tells EW how the HBO series would be different if it was made today.
Adrian Grenier reveals why he's returning to TV with Netflix thriller Clickbait
After wrapping Entourage back in 2011, Grenier is finally back on screen as the mysterious Nick Brewer — a man who is either a kidnapping victim or an accused abuser of women confessing his crimes to the world.
Adrian Grenier is an abuser reckoning with karma in Netflix's Clickbait teaser
Check out the first look trailer and photos from the new eight-episode limited series.
Gisele Bündchen on Anna Wintour and what The Devil Wears Prada got right about fashion
Supermodel tells EW about being cast in the film while on a plane, improvising lines in the Chanel boots scene, and her feelings on Anna Wintour: "She was always very nice to me."
The Devil Wears Prada writer reveals where the characters are now, 15 years later
'The Devil Wears Prada' writer reveals where her characters are now, 15 years later: Find out which one is still 'in hell' after all this time!

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Anne Hathaway and writer Aline Brosh McKenna also weigh in on whether Nate and Andy's friends treat her unfairly throughout the 2006 blockbuster.
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Hollywood is still stealing Vincent Chase's career: An EW investigation

The fictional Entourage projects continue to coincidentally (or not) become a reality.