The actress and Sinisa Mackovic said "I do" in March 2020, less than two months before welcoming son Vanja.

Sinisa Mackovic, Chloe Sevigny
Sinisa Mackovic, Chloe Sevigny
| Credit: Chloe Sevigny/Instagram

Surprise! Chloë Sevigny is a married woman!

The Oscar-nominated actress, 46, wed her boyfriend Sinisa Mackovic at City Hall in New York City in March 2020, she announced Tuesday on Instagram. The nuptials took place less than two months before the couple welcomed their son Vanja on May 2.

"Married on a Monday March 9th 2020 Happy one year anniversary my love💍," Sevigny captioned a photo of the newly-married couple.

For the union, the American Horror Story star wore a black dress that showed off her baby bump, while Mackovic, who is the director of Karma Art Gallery in New York City, wore a black and white suit.

Sevigny and Mackovic, who have been in a relationship for almost two years, welcomed their baby boy in May 2020. News of Sevigny's pregnancy first broke last January, when her rep confirmed to PEOPLE that the couple was expecting their first child together.

In October, a nude Sevigny and her baby bump graced the cover of Playgirl's relaunched print edition for a stunning 21-photo spread that was shot back in March 2020 before she gave birth.

"It was just something that was supposed to happen," Sevigny said of her path to motherhood, "and in my early 40s, when it hadn't, I was like, 'I have to sort of actively try and make this happen' ... and then I struggled for a while," said the We Are Who We Are star.

Added Sevigny of how she finally became pregnant: "We had a night out dancing and drinking and went home … and then it just happened, and it stuck, which I had had trouble with in the past. And I was like, 'Wow, this one — he/she — wants to be here.' "

chloe sevigney
Credit: chloe sevigney/instagram

Sevigny previously opened up about adjusting to motherhood in an interview for WSJ. Magazine's September issue. "Since I've had the baby, I'm just like, I don't know how anybody gets anything done. I have to cook for everyone, then clean, then feed him, then clean him," she told the magazine.

"We're lucky we have my mother coming and helping us a few times a week for a few hours," she added. "We've been lucky that Sinisa's been home from work, and he helps all the time. He's on Zoom calls 24 hours a day, half of them holding the baby."

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