Shortly before his own death, the Full House star penned a moving post wondering about life after death in honor of the Golden Girls star.

Days before he died, Bob Saget reflected on life after death.

The Full House actor wondered about the afterlife in a thoughtful New Year's Eve tribute dedicated to the late Betty White, who passed away on Dec. 31 at age 99.

Bob Saget and Betty White
Just days before his death on Jan. 9, Bob Saget penned a tribute to Betty White, who died on New Year's Eve, wondering about life after death.
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"She always said the love of her life was her husband, Allen Ludden, who she lost in 1981. Well, if things work out by Betty's design— in the afterlife, they are reunited," Saget wrote of the beloved Golden Girls star.

"I don't know what happens when we die, but if Betty says you get to be with the love of your life, then I happily defer to Betty on this," he added.  

Saget also referred to the actress as "smart, kind, hilarious, sincere, and so full of love," while also reminiscing on their memories together.

"From the first time I snuck into The Mary Tyler Moore Show at 15 years old and watched her hit everything she said out of the park, to decades later, getting to hang out with her on several occasions, I had a small peek into what a remarkable talent and human being Betty was," he wrote.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office confirmed Saget's death on Sunday on Twitter after he was found unresponsive in his hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando around 4 p.m. local time. He was 65.

"Earlier today, deputies were called to the Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes for a call about an unresponsive man in a hotel room. The man was identified as Robert Saget and pronounced deceased on scene. Detectives found no signs of foul play or drug use in this case," the Florida officials announced.

Saget was in the area following a Saturday night performance in Jacksonville, Fla., as part of his I Don't Do Negative comedy tour.

Less than 24 hours before his death, Saget sent out his final tweet that read in part, "I had no idea I did a 2 hr set tonight. I'm happily addicted again to this s---."

The comedian was next scheduled to perform on Jan. 28 and 29 in West Palm Beach, Fla.

Following the tragic news, tributes from stars poured in, including one from longtime pal John Stamos, who said he was "broken" and "gutted" over the sudden passing of his Full House costar, whom he first worked with in 1987.

"I am broken. I am gutted. I am in complete and utter shock. I will never ever have another friend like him. I love you so much Bobby," Stamos, 58, tweeted.

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