“How do you do, fellow kids?” At this point, it might be Steve Buscemi‘s single most iconic line delivery in a career full of them. The scene from 30 Rock in which Buscemi’s private investigator character Lenny Wosniak goes undercover at a high school and calls attention to his obviously out-of-place appearance has been meme’d into infinity. As if to cement its iconic status, Buscemi himself quoted it when he came on stage at Sunday’s SAG Awards ceremony to introduce a montage honoring TV shows that had ended their run in the previous year.

“How do you do, fellow actors?” Buscemi asked rhetorically on stage in imitation of the hilarious scene.


30 Rock, of course, technically ended its run back in 2013. But really, it lives on forever — in memes, in quotes, in memory. In Buscemi’s own words, finished shows “are not going anywhere. Whenever we need them, they’re only as far away as our tears and watchlists.”

Watch the clip above, and stay tuned for more coverage of Sunday’s SAG Awards from EW.

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