She also celebrates her hosting gig and 'Frozen 2,' because why not?

Kristen Bell is pleased to be your First Lady — or rather first host of the SAG Awards.

“First time, first person, first lady, right?” the star of The Good Place said in her opening monologue, before poking fun at the real-life FLOTUS’ ironic choice to champion a movement against cyberbullying. “I think my first initiative will be cyberbullying… I’m looking at you, Tony Hale. He’s savage on Twitter, I’m serious.”

After shouting out to some of the celebrated casts in the audience — including GLOW and Get Out — Bell wrapped up on a serious note, pointing out that the SAG Awards are for celebrating performers, and especially those still up-and-coming. She also celebrated the actresses in the audience; this year’s SAG Awards, after all, decided to exclusively feature female presenters for the first time ever as a way to salute the women in the entertainment industry in the wake of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements.

“It’s a true privilege to experience and share the wide scope of humanity through storytelling,” Bell said, going on to reference several of the past year’s most celebrated roles. “The skating queen, the grieving mother, the lady bird, even the sea monster — everyone’s story deserves to be told. We are living in a watershed moment, and as we march forward with active momentum and open ears, let’s make sure we lead the charge with empathy and diligence, because fear and anger never win the race.”

Bell then threw in one last plug to the franchise for which she lends her voice, reminding the audience that Frozen 2 will hit theaters in 2019. Because whatever happens in 2018, Frozen fever will never end.

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