13. Kevin Spacey
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President Frank Underwood has climbed his way to the top of the Screen Actors Guild Awards again, as Kevin Spacey has repeated his win for his House of Cards role.

Spacey took home the best actor in a drama trophy at the 2016 SAG Awards for his role on Netflix’s House of Cards, which he won last year and was nominated for the year before that.

In his acceptance speech, Spacey thanked House of Cards showrunner Beau Willimon, who will not be returning for the series’ fifth season.

“I would first like to thank our creator – no, not that one, the one grounded here on Earth,” he said. “Beau Willimon, you have been an extraordinary collaborator, a remarkable challenge. I’ve loved every second we have tussled and fought and argued these four seasons. We will do our best to honor what you have started with House of Cards. We wish you the very, very best.”

After thanking his costars, Netflix, and members of his team, the actor finished his speech by talking about the theory of relativity: “Apparently, they say that if you’re in an elevator you don’t know whether you’re going up or going down, but right now it feels like I’m going up.”

For his trophy, Spacey bested Jon Hamm (Mad Men), Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul), Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones), and Rami Malek (Mr. Robot).

Backstage, Spacey elaborated on how House of Cards will move forward without Willimon.

“We haven’t made any decisions on who might come in. There’s a tremendous amount of discussion and work to be had, and as I sit up here tonight, I wish Beau all the best. He’s worked tirelessly for four seasons and I think whatever he’s going to go on to, he’s going to continue to show extraordinary range as a writer and understanding of the human condition and I hope that he and I will work together again someday,” he said. “But it’s incredibly early for me to even vaguely be talking about what I think will happen or what we’re going to try to make happen. But I meant what I said up there: we will without question honor the road that he paved.”

House of Cards returns to Netflix on March 4.

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Additional reporting by Marc Snetiker.

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