Starting Sept. 25 you can have your own personal binge watch with Dan Levy, and we love that journey for this podcast.

Schitt's Creek has been a sleeper comedy hit for Pop TV and the CBC, a slow burn of a show that — especially after dropping on Netflix — has built an ardent and giant fan base of vocal viewers, many of whom binged their way through whole seasons at a time.

And we get it! We love the series so much that for our new season of EW's BINGE podcast, we went right to the source: showrunner, star, and co-creator Dan Levy. Levy came into the EW studios where, along with EW's Shana Naomi Krochmal and Patrick Gomez, he helped break down everything you love about Schitt's Creek — at length. Starting next Wednesday, Sept. 25, there's an episode dropping every week, each focused on one of the show's first five seasons. (We'll also have two bonus episodes where his co-stars share their favorite episodes from across the series.)

Levy shares behind-the-scenes secrets from the set, examines his own psychology — and that of his castmates — and gets candid about all the characters' relationships.

"I think, as an actor, it was the most unsafe I've ever felt, in the sense that I'm going to do something that's so outside of my own personal comfort zone," Levy teases about one beloved scene. "But you only get those moments so rarely. So I was like, ‘Ah, screw it. Let's try this.' And we finished the scene and our director came out and he was crying — and I didn't quite understand because I had always pictured that moment to be quite funny."

Whether you are an old fan or haven't jumped into the fun yet, you can get caught up before the comedy — which has been nominated for four Emmys this year — returns for its sixth and final season in 2020. And don't worry, each episode will discuss only the season we're talking about or earlier, so if you're finally binging Schitt's for the first time, you can listen along without fear of spoilers.

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