The show finally gets hopeful.
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With only one episode left to go, You’re the Worst is beginning to wrap up its tugging second season. Nothing is tied up in neat bows just yet, but by the end of episode 12, “Other Things You Could Be Doing,” we get some answers, laughs, and teary moments.

Onto the Worstie rankings.

4. Nope, not the worst. Far from it! In fact… least worst: Edgar

Oh Edgar, so sweet and well-meaning. Our favorite PTSD-stricken vet has his big improv show and banks on Jimmy showing up to support him. He reserves a seat and everything. And it seems like Jimmy shows up … until the lights turns on and the silhouette Edgar thinks is Jimmy is really just a woman who’s super into low-grade improv.

Edgar’s hurt and turns to Dorothy, who truly is a bright gem in this dark, dark season. He helps her shop for an apartment and — voila! — they decide to move in together. Uh, life’s pretty sweet for Edgar these days.

3. Eh, not great, but could be worse: Lindsay

Aw, look! Lindsay’s doing the right thing. She signs the divorce papers, tells Becca she loves her (and admits she once got her fired from a babysitting gig), and apologizes to Gretchen for things like pooping in her sleeping bag on a camping trip and leaving her alone with Moby.

But, surprise! That frozen semen in a turkey baster thing worked and Lindsay’s actually pregnant. We find out in the most classic Lindsay way, which makes me want to hug the YTW writers room: Lindsay pees on a pregnancy test in a parking lot and says “fart.”

2. Oof. It gets worse: Jimmy

We thought all hope for a happy ending was lost last week when the final moments of episode 11 showed Jimmy making out with Nina, the bartender. But, surprise! Her feet are gross and as soon as Jimmy tries to go down on her toes, the moment is lost. (Though she technically denies him with this one-liner: “I was just about to let you raw dog me on my bar with my foot in your mouth.”) They decide to have a romantic date somewhere — she’ll take him skiing! — and call it a night.

Jimmy returns home to find Gretchen a blob on the couch, staring out the window. She’s impenetrable, lethargic, a lump. YTW then embarks on its best montage yet: a rotating cast of characters stop by the house to try to cheer Gretchen up. Henry Rollins skypes in. Rob (Justin Kirk) from “LCD Soundsystem” stops by to pry her with trips to the Ace Hotel. Sam lists brilliant people who were depressed only to learn they’re all dead. Becca spouts anti-vaxxing propaganda.

Nothing works, of course, and Gretchen voices one of the most accurate descriptions of depression. “I’m scraped out,” she says. “I’m that car we sent to Mars flipped upside down so the sun can’t reach the solar panels. I’ve always been able to flip myself back over eventually, but I ran out of times. This is how I am now, and it’s not okay with you nor should it be.”

She’s lost hope in recovery and sends Jimmy out to meet Nina. “Have fun. You deserve it, whoever she is,” Gretchen says. He leaves.

But Jimmy only gets as far as the driveway — namely, the bush in his driveway — and ducks when he sees Nina’s car approach. He chickens out, dodges her gazillion texts with “New phone, who dis?” and goes back inside.

The episode’s final moments show Jimmy’s heart. He builds a fort around Gretchen and lays with her until she wakes up. He stays.

1. Absolute, hands-down, no-questions-asked worst: Gretchen

And that’s what cracks Gretchen. “You stayed?” she asks. “You stayed.” The tears pour out, an act that feels like the breaking of a dam or the cracking of a mirror. She’s back and she feels something. It’s a step and it’s hopeful.

So, here we are with Gretchen as the “worst,” which doesn’t really mean the same thing as it did when this season started. Can these characters be described as the “worst” anymore? The lil’ FXX show about terrible (hilarious) people doing terrible (hilarious) things has morphed into a slow boiling tale about loneliness, depression, and companionship. Gretchen has become the “worst” this ep because everyone else really just got better at being people. They’re all still garbage-y, but when Gretchen needs them to pull through, they do.

At least this week.

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