Love triangles, secret twins, New Jersey malls — things are really getting crazy
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A semi-secret twin brother revealed at a grand funeral? Oh, Younger, you never cease to surprise me! Thad may be gone too soon, but actor Dan Amboyer will continue on the TV Land series as the other half of the so-called Webervi — the sweeter vegan named Chad. And he’s not going to let this tragedy go uninvestigated; he’s got Thad’s laptop and means to get answers.

Thad’s funeral obviously rouses strong feelings — including a little unexpected longing between Josh and Liza. In fact, they’re so drawn to one another that they retreat back to Josh’s apartment for a little “mourning sex,” only to have cuddle time interrupted by Josh’s actual girlfriend, Greta (who apparently has a key). Liza’s forced to flee to the fire escape to hide. (So many shades of Carrie-Big-Natasha here.)

But 24 hours later, it’s back to business as usual at Empirical. Another day, another author. The latest is celebrity astrologer Stephanie Smith (played by the criminally under-utilized Dolly Wells), who’s basically a Susan Miller stand-in. Diana can’t get enough of her astral aura, but Kelsey — reminded of Thad’s unfortunate destiny — storms out of the meet ‘n’ greet. And Kelsey’s mood definitely doesn’t lift when Chad comes marching in with surveillance video of the accident, which shows Liza getting into an argument with Thad seconds before the splat. Liza finally admits (the partial) truth: She found out Thad was cheating on Kelsey with his assistant and was trying to get him to confess when the accident happened. But instead of thanking her friend for having her back, Kelsey lashes out, furious that Liza took it upon herself to be the “morality police,” and even going so far as to wonder whether Thad would still be alive if not for Liza. Crushed (figuratively, not literally, of course), Liza initiates her escape-from-my-26-year-old-life plan, resigning with the excuse that she got another offer she couldn’t refuse.

Cue: Liza working a retail job at the Paramus Mall. And while this was a pretty heartbreaking turn of events, the only thing that kept running through my mind was What a horrible commute! (And, just out of curiosity, I Google Mapped it, and via public transportation, it would take nearly two hours to get from Williamsburg to Paramus. A True Urban Nightmare!) Anyway! All of Empirical Publishing is looking for Liza, but it’s Lauren’s mom who spots her during a shopping trip and spills the beans to Kelsey. But seeing as Liza won’t return Kelsey’s messages, Charles is the one who makes the trip to New Jersey to bring her back. And what a moment for Chiza ‘shippers! As if to persuade her even more, he lays a parting smooch on her! Paging HR…

But it seems to have worked as Liza returns to the office as if all she did was take a much-needed vacay. Kelsey — who’s been unable to cry during the Thad tragedy — finally breaks down. “Please don’t ever disappear on me again,” she tearfully begs Liza, who promises she won’t.

Back at home, another prodigal returns: Josh is waiting on Liza’s stoop. He says he’s all in.

And with that, we are left to await the juicy love triangle that will surely unfold when Younger returns for season 3. Until then, keep your sheep close, and your secretly old colleagues even closer.

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