Liza courts an author with a baaaaaaaahd attraction
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If ever I needed an excuse not to look for love on (beyond the fact that my butt has never been nestled in the sweaty embrace of a John Deere tractor bucket seat), this latest episode of Younger was it.

In this post-Josh world, Liza is busying herself baking pies, which seems to be her default coping mechanism for boy troubles. But Kelsey and Lauren have other plans for Liza that don’t include pastries (a pity): They’ve created a Tinder profile for the “26-year-old” bachelorette. And who pops up a few swipes in? Josh, of course. Uncomfortable with the whole business, Liza retreats to the farmers market to buy more fruit for her depressive delectables.

And that’s where she meets modern-day Walden, Matthew Morrison. Okay, fine. Sebastian. (I think this recap would take on a delicious new import if I referred to this hipster Thoreau as Matthew Morrison throughout. But I’ll behave.) Sebastian is a philosopher-shepherd who sells his woolen wears at the Brooklyn Flea, and he convinces Liza to invest in a “security blanket” sheared from his beloved sheep Stella. And as a bonus, Sebastian throws in some of his written musings about life off the grid — which intrigue Liza.

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Kelsey, meanwhile, is getting subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) vibes that not everyone is enthused about her engagement to Thad. After all, her Insta of the engagement ring got fewer likes than her avocado toast pic. (Though, to be fair, I’d much rather eat the avocado toast.) Later that evening at a girls’ night out, Lauren & Co. convince Liza to express some misgivings about the whole thing. But, as you might expect, when she does just that, Kelsey doesn’t react well and the rest of the group plays dumb. This on top of that fact that Thad has yet to accept their engaged status on Facebook (or whatever Younger‘s purple-hued version of Facebook is called…), and Kelsey is feeling a bit hurt.

But she bucks up and gets off social media long enough to cover for Liza so she can drive up to the Hudson Valley to try to woo Sebastian into publishing some of his essays. And as it turns out, he actually has a hand-written journal chronicling the last five “quotidian” years of his life on the farm. Liza takes him back to the city (because wherever the leather-bound book goes, he goes), where Kelsey and Diana give thumps up to Sebastian’s manuscript (and face).

Liza and Sebastian (and their fledgling sexual chemistry) go to dinner that night, where Josh is also dining with friend (maybe more?) Greta.

[Editor’s note: If you don’t live in the tri-state area and are thinking right about now that this run-in feels awfully convenient/implausible, I can promise you that is not the case. The one person in all of New York whom you don’t want to see (usually an ex) is the one you will most definitely bump into on the subway while reading a copy of Breaking Dawn. Or so I’ve heard.]

Anyway, Liza accidentally lets Sebastian leave Manhattan before signing his contract, so she makes another trip to upstate for his signature. And, well, she walks in on Sebastian seemingly fornicating with Stella the Sheep. He scrambles to his feet and sputters an explanation that he was just grooming her. But he has no excuse for the moaning.

And so another would-be author is added to the imprint’s black sheep file.

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