Beware the Stall Rabbits...
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Following up sheep fornication isn’t so easy, is it? By comparison, Liza’s escapades this week were anything but wild or wooly. (No apologies for that pun. I’m living my best life.)

We find our ageless heroine still smarting from her breakup with Josh, and it’s no wonder given how frequently he pops up in her life — this time in the pages of the New York Post attending a Friends of the High Line benefit with his profiler/friend Greta. Diana sees the piece, too, and in one of her kinder moments takes Liza to a conciliatory lunch in her power booth. “It was lit by the same guy who did Angela Lansbury’s return to Broadway,” Diana says. “So from two booths back we look like infants.”

The cherubic effect helps Liza fool yet another unsuspecting industry person into thinking she’s in her mid-20s: a fellow publishing assistant who invites her to a Young Professionals Society mixer. Which Kelsey encourages her to attend since the events are typically pretty dorky — just like Liza. But she (and Liza) may live to regret that decision given the gossip relayed to Liza at the get-together. Namely, that Thad is cheating on Kelsey with his assistant. (Code word: Stall Rabbits. Gross.)

Is it too late for Kelsey to return her wedding-venue deposit? I guess we’ll find out. Lauren is busy planning the affair, but she’s turning into a total Bridesmaidzilla. I mean, who really needs a social media concierge for their nuptials? Kelsey hatches a scheme to help Lauren release her pent-up party-planning angst by enlisting her to throw their engagement fête.

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But before Liza gets a chance to celebrate with Kelsey, it’s her missing-in-action daughter’s birthday! (Can they just write her off the show already? What purpose does she serve? Send her back to India indefinitely!) Anyway, after getting wine drunk with her ex-husband, Liza wakes up to find him in bed next to her. His goodbye note in the morning? “That was fun :)” I hope if I ever become middle-aged and have sex with an ex-husband that he’ll have more dignity and grace than to leave a smiley-faced morning-after salutation. Yuck.

But on to more pressing matters: Kelsey’s engagement party! Where Liza is keeping an eagle eye on Thad and the woman he seems to be spending an inordinate amount of time chatting up. After taking pics with the Foto-Robot and watching Lauren’s failed attempt at falconry, Liza retreats to the bar where her phone pings with a new message: It’s footage Thad’s co-worker shot of him getting busy in the bathroom with his assistant! And, of course, Thad is looking over Liza’s shoulder right as she starts streaming the vid.

“Either you tell her or I will,” Liza says. (Sadly, we know how well Liza’s previous attempts at warning Kelsey have gone…)

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