Everyone grows up a little in season 2's finale
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You’re the Worst season 2 comes to a close with a heartfelt goodbye and some good ol’ trash juice.

After an emotional season, featuring phenomenal performances from Gretchen’s Aya Cash and Jimmy’s Chris Geere, the lil’ show that shows us deep feelings in horrible people just punched us in the heart. Big life changes happen to just about everyone, and after a handful of episodes that saw our beloved awful people idling at standstills, it’s sweet to see everyone pushed a little further.

“The Heart Is a Dumb Dumb,” which is the most accurate episode title of the season, centers on Becca and Vernon’s baby shower/gender-reveal party, which throws back to season 1’s finale, in which Becca and Vernon announced their pregnancy at a similarly trash-juiced-up celebration. Like last year, there’s a musical number and a sweet reveal. By the end of the episode, we’re laughing and sobbing and saying things like, “No, you’re crying into the Bloody Mary bar!”

Now on to the final Worstie rankings.

4. Nope, not the worst. Far from it! In fact…least worst: Edgar

Solid, classic, kind Edgar. All season, we’ve seen Edgar (Desmin Borges) step aside to let others shine, but in the season 2 finale, he simultaneously takes a step backward and forward. After Jimmy suggests Dorothy manipulated him into moving in with her, he freaks out and tells her he’s not ready for the things she’s ready for. “Maybe in a few years,” he says, to which she replies, “I don’t have a few more years. I don’t have time to waste.”

He stews in his whiskey and takes on the macho role for, oh, about five minutes, until he realizes he’s being a dumb dumb. Dorothy’s amazing, and so what if she maybe manipulated him? He runs to meet her at the bus and apologizes profusely.

“Dude, we just got in a little fight, and now I’m taking the bus home to show you how mad I am,” Dorothy says when realizing Edgar thought they broke up. “You’re supposed to come after me.” Here, Dorothy serves, as she has all season, as an excellent contrast to our core four. Edgar’s so used to watching Jimmy, Gretchen, and Lindsay treat people poorly and selfishly that he doesn’t get what a healthy relationship might look like. But Dorothy shows him. Look at how much Edgar’s grown this year! He’s able to have an awesome relationship…even if we don’t know what happened in that school. (We don’t want to know.)

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3. Eh, not great, but could be worse: Lindsay

Ah, Lindsay. That turkey baster gimmick paid off in the form of — surprise! — a pregnancy. She tells Becca, but with her newfound maturity, she vows not to take the spotlight off her sister at the party. Becca, though, has a few glasses of white wine and tells Paul, who, after looking through his entire life on a screen, realizes there’s a chance he could be the father. (No, not through the turkey baster — through their actual sexual intercourse, duh.)

Paul then breaks up with Amy, who punches and claws at him, and returns to Lindsay to say he wants them to keep the baby together because she didn’t try to trap him with the baby. That shows him (and us!) she’s changed. She even said that two weeks ago she would have used her pregnancy as a way to ruin his life. Lindsay says she’ll think about it and then joins him for a karaoke duet of “Don’t Know Much.” They’re going for it! They’re going to have this baby!

Until Paul shows Lindsay his new toy: a motorcycle with a sidecar. Lindsay’s face falls. YTW devotees will remember back in season 1 episode 7, Lindsay said, “If I’m on a motorcycle, I’m driving the motorcycle, not riding in that s—y little side-motorcycle thingy for poor people and dogs.” Yet here she is, in that little side thingy. That’s what her life with Paul is — a supporting role in his weird movie. Maybe now she’ll actually be able to walk away from Paul, not because she wants to “win” but because she’s ready.

We can only hope that season 3 gifts us a pregnant version of Lindsay because, ohmigod, can you imagine Kether Donohue’s one-liners?!

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2. Oof. It gets worse: Gretchen

This episode has one of the most bizarrely sweet openers of the year — Jimmy and Gretchen are just eating cereal, laughing, and Jimmy’s catching her up on his sexcapade with Nina. They giggle about buttholes, and it’s a whole adorable mess.

Gretchen then reveals the answer to questions we’ve been wondering since she said she was clinically depressed. No, she doesn’t see a doctor. No, she doesn’t take anti-depressants. “I don’t want to lose my edge,” she says.

She then heads to the bar to check out Nina but ends up throwing back a few shots and trying to kiss Nina. “There’s something so captivating about you,” she says. It’s a hilarious scene that reminds us who Gretchen is — a lovable asshole — and reminds us, oh yes, this is why she and Jimmy are together. Nina gets it, too: these people are wackadoos and deserve each other. (Later, when recounting the story to Jimmy, he’s appalled Nina didn’t want to make out and asks Gretchen if she wore the booby shirt. Of course she did.)

Later she goes to Becca’s party and takes care of a Level 4 drunk Jimmy. Back at the house, after she’s put him to bed and eaten some French fries, she tells him she’s going to see someone, “a doctor someone,” in the most unselfish statement ever heard on this show: “It’s always been just me. Now it’s not anymore.”

Then comes the kicker that destroys me: “After I cleaned the fries off your face and put you to bed, you said something pretty dark,” Gretchen tells Jimmy. “Don’t tell me,” he replies. “Okay, I wont…I love you, too.”

Come on, doesn’t that just swell your heart 18 sizes?

The episode ends as they share a comfortable silence and a cigarette and sets us up for months without You’re the Worst, which was thankfully renewed for a third season this month.

1. Absolute, hands-down, no-questions-asked worst: Jimmy

Jimmy’s understandably pissed when he hears Gretchen is against anti-depressants and takes it out on Becca’s party, where he vows to get at least Level 2 Jimmy drunk. “When’s my turn for people to take care of me?” he asks. “I’m going to get absolutely snozzled.” That’s our new favorite word for drunk, by the way. He then drinks all the trash juice (trash juice!), makes an embarrassing speech, almost ruins Edgar’s relationship, and apparently tells Gretchen he loves her.

Sure, he’s not that bad, but he lands in our final worst spot for the same reason as last week’s Worstie: Everybody’s kind of great in their own effed up ways. Gretchen says she’ll get help, Lindsay didn’t want Paul back just because she was pregnant, and Edgar’s in a legit, committed relationship that’s probably going somewhere.

Season 2’s finale is deeply satisfying, setting the show up for a whole new crop of screwed up messes in season 3. We can’t wait.

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