Val? Karen? Vaaal? Karrren?
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It’s reunion time tonight, guys! And this reunion is for a group of absolute delusional nut jobs. Val is back in full force. Joe and Larry aren’t so boring anymore. And of course, Karen’s here.

You’d think we’re past the point where Will and Grace should have to be looking at pictures of people’s kids, but here they are, having to pretend about Joe and Larry’s (hey guys!!) daughter who just left for college. Time flies, and it’s bonkers. In another dream world, Will and Grace’s kids would be like, what, 11? But that’s not our world; this is — the world with Joe and Larry and the troubles that come with being empty-nesters. Larry in particular is having a hard time with it. Meanwhile, Karen and Jack are role-playing Uber driver and passenger in Karen’s new car. (That fee when you throw up in the car? That’s where they get you.) But right as they pull off, Jack hits his biggest nightmare: Val (Molly Shannon).

Back at Grace Adler Designs, Will and Grace are still adjusting to life together at the office. They’re figuring out how to mesh their work styles, and it doesn’t help that Grace offers Larry a job. And that’s all good and well with Grace until Larry starts agreeing with Will over her. You’d think you’d have a better kinship with someone with whom you duet on “Sunrise, Sunset,” but here we are. But it turns out that the real situation Larry is facing is that he’s not in love with Joe anymore. Actually, he’s so out of love that he’s faking his orgasms, and it all dials back to one person: Will. He’s in love with Will because in his own words, “Joe has a big ass and can’t cook. No offense, Grace.”

As Karen and Jack are taking care of Val after the car accident, she tends to her own wounds, and by tend to her own wounds, I mean that Val is straight up giving herself an orgasm. Don’t worry, her pain and pleasure centers overlap. But as they get to Val’s apartment, she says she doesn’t want money. She just wants to talk about it…you know, with Karen. So she shuts the door in Jack’s face. Inside, Val sets up a nice cozy hangout for herself and Karen, who’s just concerned about making this all go away. She tries to buy off Val, but Val isn’t interested. Karen suggests, “You wanna go beyond the wall and see the White Walkers?” while unbuttoning her shirt, but Val just wants to be close to her. So Karen finally opens up about what she lost. Ever since Rosario died…well…she can’t find her cowboy boots. Devastating.

When Jack goes to Grace for help, Grace remembers exactly who Val is, and she’s convinced that Val threw herself in front of that car for money. Jack has heard about a situation like that on Fox News, so you know it’s true! Grace passes over a secret key she made to Val’s apartment and sends Jack to figure out what Val’s up to. When he breaks in, he finds a whole mural of him and Karen, but Val’s face is on his body. Val comes out of nowhere and catches him, trapping Jack in a tape cocoon.

After Grace tells Will that she fired Larry, Will overreacts and immediately tells Larry that they can make it work and he wants to meet up. Of course, Larry misunderstands. When they meet at the office, it only gets worse, and it all comes down to one word: phrasing — all the way down to “getting behind” Grace as much as he “gets behind” Will. When Will steps away to find Larry a snack “for energy,” he returns to find Larry stretched out naked on the bed, and then Grace walks in. It’s out. Of. Control. After it all gets settled, Larry realizes that he’s made a mistake, saying, “Joe is kind. And he has a man’s ass. No offense, Will.” And that’s that. Good run, Larry and Will.

Now let’s get back to the even crazier situation: Jack is fully taped when Karen shows up in crazy braids. He reveals Val’s plan to hijack their friendship. Val denies it, but after a second “Val, Karen” exchange, she finally admits it. Let’s take a quick break to acknowledge that Molly Shannon and Megan Mullally are perfect together. Val admits that she just wanted to be Karen’s friend (it’s hard to make friends after college), and even though she’s nuttier than a tree full of squirrels, Karen agrees. It’s enough to get Val to go away, and Karen says they’ll never see her again. But as the night ends, Jack hits her again because Val? She’s never too far away.

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