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Here’s the thing: I’ve been a big Will & Grace revival fan so far. Huge. But I do expect that in this year, the year of Cher using toilet emojis to talk about our president, the show has to shoot higher. Relying on the old isn’t going to do it. And tonight? It relied on the old. But it did so to get us to a new place…Oh, let’s just go over it all again.

Big day for the team, right? Will and Grace are all dressed up for big moves in both of their careers. Grace is about to lock in new clients and Will is about to become senior partner, but while they’re in the middle of a pep talk, Jack shows up with fan in hand to announce that he’s a thousandaire after a big scratch-off ticket win. A real Jared Kushner, as Will says…you know, rich for no reason.

But real rich queen Karen Walker is at the club — country club. She returns to her room to find a morphine drip, and when she tries to figure out where to send her thank you note, she finds that the room has been double-booked. By whom? BEVERLEY LESLIE, who did not fly out that window, apparently. He’s recovering from plastic surgery, which Karen assumes is labia reconstruction, because of course.

Back at Grace’s studio, Eli (Max Greenfield) is here to discuss Grace’s prospects for new business. Y’all, let me get personal for a second…Max Greenfield in a beard on the fun side of the Kinsey Scale? Well, it’s a great prospect. Anyway, this is a story line we’ve seen before: After he finds out that Will is gay, Eli says that if Grace can (in Fairy Godmother speak) put it in the pumpkin and send it his way, she can get the job. Good lord, guys. I love Eli, but it feels like maybe we should be past this story line? With that being said, Max, if you’re reading this, my Twitter handle is at the top of this recap. Find me.

Back to Jack’s big win with his Boys and Girls Club colleague, Alvin. You see, Jack only lent him a dollar. He didn’t actually win, so when Alvin tells Jack about his big win, it’s not as a dollar buddy. At the end of the day, he only reimburses Jack for the dollar he loaned him — and boy howdy, if there’s one thing you shouldn’t do with Jack, it’s loan him money. The other thing? Take money from him that he’s already spent.

Back at Will’s place, Grace admits that she’s trying to pimp out Will again. Will is pissed until he figures out who Eli Wolfe is: the kind of Power Gay a guy like Will, a potential senior partner, should be with. So it’s on.

At the country club, Karen and Beverley Leslie (who should never be referred to in any other way) sit down, and Beverley is losing it. Karen says he looks like Jeff Sessions about to watch a black person vote (oh my God). And that’s when Beverley admits that he’s gay, and Karen asks what bombshell is next…Harvey Weinstein isn’t a perfect gentleman? (OH MY GOD.) Beverley wants Karen’s help coming out to his wife, Crystal.

Meanwhile, Eli and Will together aren’t doing much; Will is falling apart because he doesn’t want to be senior partner after all, and Eli is definitely realizing he doesn’t want to have sex with Will. And when Grace comes home and calls out Will for being a bust, he’s not having it. But she’s not either. When he asks if there’s anything else she has to say, Grace is only concerned with herself; she leaves to go find Eli, and Will is all left alone.

Back at the Boys and Girls Club, Alvin and Jack have an phenomenal scene over the money. As great as Sean Hayes is with Megan Mullally, he has a formidable new acting partner in Chris Redd. It’s an inspired moment as the duo battle over the money while making amazing political commentary, but then Karen’s friend Tasha shows up needing a walk to the subway because her dad’s car broke down. It’s $1800 in repairs. Jack and Alvin argue over who will give Tasha the money, but at the end of the day, they give it to her.

While we’re on the subject of helping others, Karen returns to the country club to find out that Beverley admitted to being gay in a morphine haze. When he questions her, she says that he’s eaten more hot dogs than a competitive Japanese eater and has been ridden by more bears than a circus bicycle. So then Karen sends a message to Crystal to come celebrate with her husband for her birthday, which is definitely his worst fear.

Grace chases Eli down and gives him a speech about how she deserved to be picked regardless. Eli announces that he chose her anyway, and when Grace says that this is her dream job, Eli replies, “Too bad Will doesn’t feel the same.” And that’s when it hits her. When she returns home (to the best White Diana Ross joke ever), Will admits that he got senior partner, but he doesn’t want the job. So Grace tells him to come work with her. Be her partner. Will knows it’s the worst decision ever, but he’s taking it. He says, “Will and Grace,” and she says, “Eh, Grace and Will. That sounds like a thing.”

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