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Saying goodbye is difficult and heartbreaking and impossible to avoid. We knew from moment go that there’s be a time where we’d have to say goodbye to Bobbi Adler, played by Debbie Reynolds, but that doesn’t mean we were prepared for it. In the most poignant of ways, Grace says goodbye to her mom, and maybe found a new roommate in the process. Let’s jump in.

This week, we start in a car with Will and Grace. Will thinks they’re heading off to Vermont, but turns out they’re headed to Synecdoche to celebrate Grace’s mom‘s birthday. It was her dying wish (along with Grace getting breast implants), and she needs Will by her side. When Will tries to bail out the door, Grace says, “You’re not going anywhere, Lady Bird,” which might be my favorite line of the year. While Will makes friends with Grace’s dad, Grace is in the kitchen with her sisters who reveal that they want to sell the house, and they want Grace (or Smudge, which is a hilarious nickname) to break it to their dad.

Back in the city, Jack’s boyfriend is on duty guarding a piano that fell on a man dressed as a robot (is this MadLibs?). Jack shows up to talk to Drew about moving in with him. He’s inspired by Karen’s relationship, which is something else. But when Jack tells him that he’s ready for monogamy, Drew admits that he’s not ready to move in. Actually, he wants to see other people. Jack says nobody has been as crushed as he is, but robot man is literally impaled by Steinway and all his sons, so…

Meanwhile, Karen is in her apartment with Smitty. But as Smitty tells the story about being rundown by a streetcar as a child, Stan is waiting in the bathroom… or at least that’s what we think. After he leaves, the door opens and after all these years, it looks like we may get a glimpse at Stan, but it’s Alec Baldwin! He is in deep with NBC, y’all. It’s been forever since we saw Malcolm Widlock make his face known. And it’s a welcome return for Anastasia Beaverhausen. The whole affair (literally) is interrupted when Jack shows up devastated after asking Drew to move in. Fortunately, Malcolm’s pajamas match the drapes (this isn’t a metaphor, even though it should be). After a little investigating, Jack finds him.

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At Grace’s house, Will gets left with one of Grace’s sister, Joyce, who says that she’s tan “like Moana,” which is incredible and racist. But naturally, the Adler women take it to eleven, so she shoves meat in Will’s mouth (also not a metaphor, but it should be) and proceeds to try and make out with him. But that’s all interrupted by dinner, which kicks off with a sweet note from Bobbi Adler, from the grave. But in the middle of the note, Joyce and Janet force Grace to make the announcement about the house, but Grace insists that they’re keeping the house. But Grace manages to stave it off. Her dad passes it off to Will who finishes the note, and at the end of the note, Grace and her two sisters launch into a song and choreography to honor their mother. It’s a beautiful moment that really pays tribute to Debbie Reynolds. But afterward, Grace comes clean about the plan from her sisters, and her dad is devastated.

Back at Karen’s place, Jack is stunned with all the news: Drew is gone, Malcolm is here with Karen, and right as he’s come to understand what monogamy is, it’s all blown out of the water. At the end of the explanation, Jack says that maybe it’s time for him to stop being so childish and grow up. And then he hopscotches out of the room, skipping all the blue spots because they’re lava. You know, adult stuff. As Jack leaves, Malcolm says that Karen has to choose, Stan or him. And then he disappears into the drapes again, which could be a good metaphor with a little workshopping.

In Grace’s house, she explains to Will how she needed him for this, and he let her down. Every place in the house reminds her of a memory that’s happened there, and it’s kind of a gut punch. Our childhood homes are full of all these memories, and it’s impossible to find a way to let them go. From afar, Grace’s dad overhears everything she’s saying. Will asks if her dad is the one struggling or is it Grace? She hugs him and he says, “This is my one job.” So they settle on the idea that they’ll finally sell the house and upon Will’s accidental suggestion, Grace’s dad will move in with them.

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