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Man, can you imagine if liking an old Instagram post from an ex worked in your favor? Or even just turning a group of kids into sweatshop workers? Okay, that one is probably a bit more unrelatable, but hey, Karen Walker is Karen Walker. It’ll be easier to explain if we just recap it.

At Will’s apartment, Jack comes in to grab some money, and he catches Will looking at some pictures. No, not like that. Just his ex’s Instagram. He’s looking at Michael, and when Jack tells him to double tap the picture, Jack gets his first taste of accidentally liking an ex’s post. Ugh, the good times.

Meanwhile, Grace busts in complaining about having to go to a baby shower because it feels like a test she’s failed. When Will jokes that it’s going to be awful, she says that she RSVP’d for the both of them.

In the office, Jack walks in on Karen listing off a bunch of barbecue supplies, which means she’s having phone sex with Stan. She’s interrupted with some big news from Jack: He’s got an acting job! Actually, he’s just going to be a corpse, but still! It’s on Shades of Blue with Jennifer Lopez, which is an exciting use of crossover resources. After 10 years apart, Jack’s being reunited with his celebrity best friend (who, you know, blocked him and won’t respond to him anymore. It’s fine, okay?) But to do that, he pawns off his theater club that he oversees on Karen, which should be fine, right?

Back at the apartment, Will is trying to prep Grace for this baby shower. He tells her to write all of her mean thoughts on pieces of paper and stuff them in her pocket, which is a super WASPy thing to do, but hey, whatever gets you through the day.

In the office, the kids are working on Annie while Karen has a perfect combo of pills and martinis when one of the kids asks for help. She tells them to go back to work on The Diary of Anne Frank, which is definitely not the same thing, but hey. She did her best. She’s awaiting a fabric shipment that’s been done incorrectly, and when she needs the tailoring done (and quickly), Karen discovers she has a whole army of little nimble hands at her disposal.

Meanwhile, Will and Grace make it to the baby shower, where Ellen immediately makes a passive-aggressive comment. Grace whips out her notepad and immediately gets to work because girlfriend needs that notepad. Then Will sits down with some teens, and they are completely uninterested until they discover his drama with his ex. When they find about his deep like (when you like something from deep in your crush’s feed), they know they’ve got their work cut out for them. Will’s ex is breadcrumbing him. Google it, it’s G-rated.

Next thing you know, they’re explaining the whole world of having a crush during this Time of Technology. While that’s happening, Grace has enough paper in her pockets to reconstruct a forest of trees. But, guys, the real issue is Will. They tell him that if he doesn’t pick up the breadcrumbs that Michael is dropping, he could lose the opportunity entirely.

On the set of Shades of Blue, Jack is pulled out of the morgue and immediately botches his scene by speaking to Jennifer. She doesn’t remember him from his old backup dancing gig, which should be a blessing, but Jack keeps interrupting the scene. It all ends with Jack getting fired, and when he gets back, he finds that Karen has gone full sweatshop with the kids. And their parents are expecting a rehearsed scene. If it were me, I’d focus on all the Miss Hannigan scenes, but Jack manages to pull it off regardless.

Back at the baby shower, this whole note system is falling apart for Grace. When she makes her way back to her coat to put more notes in, she discovers that all the notes are gone. And when it turns out that Ellen has found them, the whole thing really hits the fan. Grace blames it on Grandma, but it falls back on Grace at the end. Somehow, she noses her way out of the entire thing after admitting that baby showers make her uncomfortable. And on Will’s front? He realizes that Michael may be what he needs after all.

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