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Will & Grace - Season 1
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Will & Grace

Now that we’ve said goodbye to the Olympics, hereafter referred to as “Adam Rippon Appreciation Month,” we are back on track with some good old-fashioned Will & Grace.

The episode starts with Grace returning home from a date to find Will and Jack waiting on her in the dark to hear about her date with James. He lives in the same building, which might seem like an issue, but hello, convenience. But in the time that it takes Jack to tell Will and Grace that he’s still dating Drew (I know! Big wins!), James gives Grace a call to say that their relationship (and living in the same building) is weird and complicated. Jack, of course, says that the best way he’s been taught to recover is to under, behind, and sideways with a new guy. A solid strategy if there ever were one.

At Grace Adler and Associates (Will), Will’s about to take off to the gym, but as he’s about to leave, he catches Karen spying on the staff. It’s like her own reality show, and the most ridiculous part is that she controls everything to do with the house from her phone. Essentially, Karen plays the Sims with her servants and then treats it like a telenovela. As Will tries to condemn her for it, he gets drawn in, particularly on the two hot servants who he swears are gay, even though Karen says “they don’t look alike.” (Shoutout to all the boyfriend twins I follow on Instagram who can’t seem to find their shirts. Live your truth, boys.)

Meanwhile, Jack takes Grace out so that she can get back on the horse, but Grace says she’s not interested in a one-off situation. As she says that, she runs into an old college professor and starts fawning over him all over again, but she’s still not ready until Jack pegs a waiter with some nuts (this is literal, food nuts, guys). The waiter turns around, and he’s so gorgeous Grace knocks over her drink before hooking up with him in the bathroom. But back at her apartment, James is waiting with a dozen roses. Just as Grace and James start to reconnect, that gorgeous waiter appears, and it looks like he’s James’ son. Good Lord.

Back at the control center for The Sims: Gay Porn, Karen and Will have turned the temperature up in the house as high as it can go to get the two guys to strip. Will suggests she turn on music, and right as Karen does, the guys stop right before kissing. Will and Karen can’t figure out the secret code the guys are speaking in (it’s Spanish, y’all), so they’re stuck. They’re about to give up when an old fling of Will’s (what’s up, Dan Bucatinsky!) pops up on a video call. Right as Will is about to cancel another date he has lined up with ol’ Dan (who is offering eggplant, eggplant, smiley face), Neil speaks Spanish, and all of a sudden, he has purpose.

Back at the apartment, Grace makes James go into her apartment as she cuts things off with J.J. the waiter, but J.J. isn’t interested in cutting things off with Grace. He says he’ll fight his dad for her, and things get com. pli. ca. ted. J.J. talks about Grace without his dad knowing who she is. She keeps pushing him out, but he won’t leave until Grace says who’s better in bed. Grace admits it’s J.J., so the problem should be solved right? J.J. is going to a Knicks game with his grandpa, who comes to the door and is…oh, cool. Grace’s old professor.

At the office, Dan Bucatinsky shows up to translate between the cooks, but it’s not enough; Will wants more characters. So he goes and throws on some tennis gear and heads to the apartment to join the fun. Will chooses one for a tennis lesson, and the other one becomes insanely jealous. The two of them start making out, and Karen turns on her porn music because Karen is absurd.

At the apartment, Grace is surrounded by all three of her former flings, and she’s trying to run interference on all the men she’s slept with. But the problem is, Professor Grandpa wants back in on the action again. They all talk about how they once had the prettiest girl in the world, and it devolves into an argument, with Grace screaming out, “I’m the prettiest girl in the world!” And that’s when Grace admits that she’s slept with all of them. In the end, she wants to continue things with James even though she’s slept with, you know, his son and his dad, and they just agree to never be in the laundry room together again. Grace ends up alone, but she does earn Jack’s respect because…a Boomer, a Gen X, and a Millennial. The children really are the future.

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