Nothing worse than a little SloLoMo, ya know?
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Remember that sweet little nugget from the wedding? Well, that’s Jack’s new boyfriend. He’s cute, attentive, still in the closet… Wait. Yikes.

You’d think that would be a problem, as Will points out, but turns out Jack loves it? And it works because Drew’s wife thinks Jack is married to Karen. I mean, Will points out that Jack’s situation is the ultimate gay cliché: moving from one guy to the other. But Jack insists that everything is perfect.

Meanwhile, Grace busts in with good news! Karen says, “Grace got an STD!” but turns out, she actually meant QVC. Karen sees no difference though, saying, “They’re both ways to get something cheap that looks awful.” Skip the hate, though, because this is huge: Grace and Will will be selling bed linens by Grace on QVC. But of course, it immediately goes down in flames when they each think they should be the salesperson for it. They both make good points though: Both Will and Grace are kind of terrible all the way around.

Meanwhile, in Staten Island, Jack is hanging out with his boyfriend, who still has “that new gay smell.” Their sweet new-gay moment is interrupted when, you know, Drew’s wife shows up with the laundry. Classic gay man presenting as a married man! When she asks what they’re watching, Jack says it’s the “big game,” but actually it’s a Housewives franchise. Of course, they switched it because the Jets game was a blowout. Who were they playing? The Sharks? I’m done.

At QVC, Lisa Rinna’s spot selling adult diapers is canceled (LOL, naturally), so Grace is moved up. Having done no prep, Will grabs a mic so he can be a voice in her earpiece. Grace flops from moment go, and bear with me, but Grace’s take on QVC is the closest she’s come to Lucille Ball in years. The physical comedy and absurdity is on point. Eventually, Grace cuts Will out of her ear, and when it seems like she’s finally hit her stride, Will jumps into the frame. The producer cuts the segment, but the viewers are living for the drama, so they turn the segment back on.

Speaking of being on point, we return to Drew’s Staten Island basement (which sounds like I’m alluding to something dirty, but no, it’s actually what it says), where Drew wants to know why he can’t be gay, out, and public with Jack. Jack immediately shuts it down. They’re interrupted again by the wife, but this time, Karen is in tow. She and Jack make out, only for the basement to dredge up some memories from childhood, when she had to hide secrets of her mom’s affair. It prompts her to reveal Jack and Drew’s relationship, saying, “You don’t want to be married to a big ‘mo, or in this case, a little ‘mo.”

After the fact, it turns out Drew’s wife completely understood, he offered to set up her up on OKCupid, his mom and sister are throwing him a coming out party, and Jack says, “It’s all your fault Karen!” She says, “I hate it when you use my Christian name, it’s too real!” She offers for Jack to have a slap for good measure, but Jack keeps getting interrupted by Drew’s texts. So Karen agrees that when Drew comes up, she’ll end it for Jack.

But that’s when Karen has another flashback, reminding her that her mom was never happy in any of her loveless marriages. Jack admits that he’s afraid of HoMoFoMo, which is the gay fear of missing out on better guys. But Karen says that she’s afraid he’s going to get SloLoMo, which is slowly turning into a lonely ‘mo. So she leaves, leaving Drew and Jack to work it out on their own. On one hand, he really likes Drew, but he also likes being a whore, so…Whatever. He gives Drew a chance.

Back at QVC, Grace and Will end up in bed, and the people LOVE what they’re seeing. In the time they argued on camera, it turns out they sold out their entire stock. And Twitter loved them because Twitter is a garbage fire that only loves insanity. So, it turns out that Will and Grace’s toxic, loving relationship is good for more than just a wonderful TV show.

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