With Grace's dad moves in, she invites Will's mother over to get a taste of his own medicine. It quickly backfires though.

By Justin Kirkland
April 05, 2018 at 09:30 PM EDT
Will & Grace - Season 1
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Will and Grace

S10 E16

Just like that, Will & Grace is coming to another end, but instead of saying goodbye for another decade, it’s just until next season. After 16 episodes, it’s interesting to see how a show that had once tied up all of its loose ends manages to reinvent itself all over again. And at the end of the season, Karen is still a raging conservative who cheats on Stan, Jack is a man of potential monogamy, and Will and Grace are…well, living with their parents. Let’s recap.

Grace’s dad has officially moved in, and it’s driving Grace crazy. So much, in fact, that she decides to invite Will’s mom over (God bless, Blythe Danner) with her prized show beagles/Will’s brothers. It’s a quick dose of medicine that reminds Will that this live-in parent situation isn’t a good one at all.

Jack has taken a trip to Ibiza to get over Drew — his mom says he should just get over it, but that’s impossible for Jack because he was was ready to be monogamous. After all, Jack love…oh, wait, cute guy walked by. It’s NOT impossible for Jack after all. Mazel mazel. Speaking of struggles with monogamy, Malcolm has decided to give Karen the ultimatum — him or Stan. Karen wants it both ways and insists that she’ll have it, but Malcolm isn’t budging, no matter how many times she flashes him.

Back in the apartment, Will and Grace agree that they have to solve this issue with their parents because the two of them together is worse than either of them apart, but just in the time they’ve taken to step away, their parents hit it off. Like REALLY hit it off. So much so that they end up sleeping together. Will and Grace catch them (and the beagles…poor Pepper), but they pray that maybe their parents don’t know, and they can all forget it happened.

Meanwhile, Karen and Malcolm share one last dinner comprised completely of cherries. Malcolm ties one into a K with his tongue. Then Karen ties multiple stems into the name Malcolm with her vagina because if Karen is anything, she’s resourceful. Then they tease each other with what they won’t do to the other, including some stuff that includes light juggling, an ice cube, and a strategically placed finger. More on that later.

Jack returns from Ibiza with Stefon, who thinks Grace is a man. Jack tries to establish common ground with Stefon and Will by pointing out that they both think that Meryl Streep on Big Little Lies is a bad thing (she really WILL drown the whole thing out, y’all!). But the important thing is that Jack is in love again, and for some reason, I’m desperately rooting for Jack.

At Karen’s place, she makes her decision. Malcolm is a great vacation, but Stanley is her home (and all the surrounding properties). They decide that sharing one last kiss would be a bad idea, so they decide to do it through a surrogate…poor Schmitty. But according to Karen, this is how Mike Pence and his wife have sex through his trainer, which is a fun party fact! Malcolm kisses him first, and Karen follows up before they both fondle Schmitty. He says “hashtag me too,” and I’m not entirely sure if I stand behind that joke, but there is something distinctly sad about Karen’s sweet goodbye to Malcolm…and the silent abuse Schmitty endures.

The next morning, Will and Grace try to ignore their parents’ big romp the night before, but they immediately bring it up. The family dynamic is strange because they essentially slid right into form earlier, with Will’s mom correcting Grace and Grace’s dad chiding Will. And they aren’t the only ones to notice. When Will and Grace’s parents say they’re going to continue seeing each other, Will argues they should take it slow. After he and Grace lost their lovers, they found each other again, and if that’s all they have, then they’re okay with it.

But their parents argue that they don’t want to end up like them, so Grace’s dad proposes. And then Jack says he doesn’t want to end up like them either, so he proposes…that Stefon proposes. And then Karen shows up and announces she chose Stan so she doesn’t end up like them either. Yikes, guys! And to add insult to injury, Jack points out that Will and Grace could be brother and sister after the marriage. Looks like everyone has stuff figured out except Will and Grace.

Good thing we get another season with them, right?

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