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August 08, 2017 at 06:46 PM EDT

The champagne glass pyramid (Episode 6: “Rain”)

Neil takes off in this episode to win back his ex-girlfriend Sherry (Beth Dover), who is at her boyfriend Brodfard’s house. Brodfard (Rob Huebel) immediately humiliates Neil in front of everyone because he doesn’t know what second-wave feminism is. Neil gives a rousing speech about his love for Sherry, then tries to exit with dignity, only to walk right into a champagne glass pyramid. After he scrambles out, Sherry leaves, knocking over the rebuilt champagne pyramid. Another man at the party follows suit and knocks over the glasses, too. This was one bit that I almost wish went on longer.


The mole is… (Episode 7: “Dance”)

When Gene and the gang make it to Camp Firewood, they enter the secret bunker, find the control room, and break in using Eric (Chris Pine) and Greg’s (Jason Schwartzman) cyborg flamethrower arms. The best plot twist in the show: They are stopped by Nancy (Nina Hellman) in the kitchen, who, while eating a PB&J, reveals that she has been a Reagan operative the whole time. She was the mole.

What follows is an epic fight scene — Nancy kicks their asses. Thank god Nancy got a plotline after literally answering phones for people the whole season! Justice for Nancy!


David Hyde Pierce makes a cameo (Episode 8: “End Summer Night’s Dream”)

To save the camp, Greg and Mitch (who, I will remind you, was turned into a can of vegetables in the 2015 season) have to call NASA to authorize the missile defense system, so of course they Skype “full professor” and NASA engineer Henry Newman (David Hyde Pierce). The best part about this scene is that Pierce is most definitely in his office at home with his Emmys clearly in the frame. “Okay, hope that was okay; let me know if you want to do it again, and good luck with the rest of the shoot,” Pierce says as he tears off his fake mustache.

No one was ever in danger (Episode 8: “End Summer Night’s Dream”)

While waiting for the nuke to return to Earth and blow them all to bits, the returning campers all lament about all the things they will miss about Firewood and each other. Their love, and the spirit of Camp Firewood, flows through the camp’s sacred totem pole, and just as the missile is about the touch down, the satellite (and the wooden totem pole?) both shoot lasers at it, exploding it. Yeah…

Confetti, and not nuclear waste, rains down! Bush and Reagan explain that there was never any real danger and that the whole plot was a way to reignite the spirit of Firewood in the campers. So, two presidents staged a nuclear crisis to teach some 20-somethings about the magic of camp and friendship?

Bill Clinton, clearly wearing a FULL PROSTHETIC MASK, comes out playing the sax and reveals that he was Deep Throat, who gave Lindsay the lead. Gail is devastated that Gene died over nothing, but a bloody Nancy appears with Gene by her side! Gail’s daughter runs up to Gene, and he finally understands who she is. It’s wild.

Totally meta (Episode 8: “End Summer Night’s Dream”)

One month later, Coop (Showalter) is meeting with his book editor, Laura (Melanie Lynskey), who loves his new ending. “This all really happened?” Laura asks. Coop counters, “What if I told you I just went to my camp reunion and saw some old friends and had a few laughs and that was it? Would that be more believable?…Which story do you want to hear?” Laura confesses her love for him, and they kiss.

One year later, Beth and Mitch (H. Jon Benjamin), who is now surprisingly in human form, are on the beach. She’s reading a book called Wet Hot American Summer. Wait, WHAT? (Showalter and Wain shared their take on the canny ending with EW here.) So…did Coop make up this whole story in his head?

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