On ''Weeds,'' Nancy gets involved in hard drugs, while Andy goes into hiding after deserting military service

By Nisha Gopalan
Updated September 11, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT
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”Weeds”: Nancy and Andy break the law big time

Let me get this straight. While the series itself is getting lighter tonally, Nancy’s illegal activity is intensifying? This is the balance in the force we’ve been waiting for, people. Okay, so it was more a stride in the direction of balancing the force. This was by no means the most clever or gripping Weeds installment, but it did its part to propel last week’s plot recalibration. Consider me sated.

The most crucial development: We learned that scary Guillermo and his brick-dance aficionados go by the collective name of Tres Seis (or ”three sixes”), and they’ve declared war on U-Turn & Co. by way of a bullet to Marvin’s butt. And because bums are inherently funny, this scenario lent itself to a breezy comedy interlude on the way to an underground ”hospital.” It’s here that we discovered that Marvin can still flash a gang sign while in extreme pain and that U-Turn is looking to buy a hybrid car. (Gratuitous product placement or shout-out to the environment? Discuss.) On the crime front, Nancy’s vehicle doubled as the getaway car in a retaliatory drive-by, and Mr. Turn dumped a treasure-chest-ful of heroin off at her homestead — where he hung with Silas, who’s a natural at pushing product. Now, how many felonies is that for Nancy? I’ve lost count.

So that was the war on the streets. Back in the Iraq-minded army, the perplexing tale of Andy Botwin dragged on as the professional slacker went AWOL after freaking out over partner Rodriguez’s death. (Note: Rodriguez died while Andy was dropping trou to light his farts. Is there a weekly quota of rectal-related jokage over there at Showtime or something?) Apparently, the two of them were human guinea pigs in an experiment to test a remote rocket thingie. And that appears to be it. No deep mystery. Just a cover-up. Which leaves Andy…back on Nancy’s couch.

Here’s a suggestion to the Weeds peeps, who clearly have no idea what to do with Andy: Make him a mule. As Nancy starts, like, stepping up professionally, entering the harder-drugs trade, she and U-turn could use an extra hand, someone to make border crossings. Plus, they can milk this for more ass jokes, only this time said punch lines will actually be puns. Only two good things came out of Andy’s forgettable adventure: 1. We got to meet that Army official who kept saying, ”Suck yourself!” (Hey, didn’t that guy used to coach the Dallas Cowboys? I kid! I kid!) 2. We’re assured that sweet, innocent Sanjay has bounced back from the unbearable lightness of being with Clinique. Safe to assume his homophobic dad wouldn’t sympathize with said violation.

And lest you had any doubt from previous not-so-subtle clues that the Stepfordian community of Majestic possessed a certain je ne sais creepy, that was confirmed by Shane’s misadventures in that town’s summer school. Yesterday’s lesson featured a dorky, street-lingo-spewing teacher, a whodunit game, and a graphic picture of an aborted fetus. Good times!

Lastly, some loose ends currently bugging me: When will the DEA officially tango with Nancy? When does Heylia plan to take down U-Turn? (If she’s smart, she’ll play U-Turn’s crew off the Tres Seis and emerge the untouched victor, no?) And when will Conrad and Nancy pick up where they awkwardly left off? What unresolved business is eating at you?

(This week the theme song, ”Little Boxes,” was covered by Billy Bob Thornton. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a 5.)

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