''Veronica Mars'': Talk about the incredibly intricate ''I Am God'' episode, then come back Monday for Jeff Jensen's deep analysis
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”Veronica Mars”: Talk about the ”I Am God” ep

[UPDATE: Jeff Jensen will analyze the latest episode on Monday.]

So. You’re probably asking what we’ve done with the weekly EW.com recap of Veronica Mars: Did they forget that the show moved from Wednesdays to Tuesdays? Or have they fallen off the VM fan bandwagon?

The answer to Question No. 1 is ”No” — although out here in Los Angeles, the ”I Am God” episode of Veronica Mars was preempted by a baseball game. (How in the world does UPN expect to boost VM‘s ratings when one of the biggest TV markets in the country can’t even air it until 1 a.m.?)

The answer to Question No. 2 is an even more emphatic ”No” — because I did manage to see ”I Am God,” thanks to an advance copy of the episode provided by VM‘s producers. (Way to go, Veronica, for making it into Stanford!) And despite some familiar dream episode clichés, ”I Am God” may have been one of the best VM episodes of the season. (It also left me further convinced in my ”Mayor Goodman is a child molestor” theory; the link that’s going to connect Goodman to Beaver to the ”I Am God” boy aboard the bus is that they all played on his Little League team.)

But as genius as ”I Am God” was, the episode was also an overwhelming, mind-crashing example of VM‘s penchant for plot-and-detail overload. My head is still spinning. Combined with an unusually busy week here at EW (see next week’s killer Summer Movie Preview issue — you’ll understand), we have decided to delay posting our recap until MONDAY. I beg you to come back at that time, when I will be able to give you the intelligent analysis you deserve — right after I watch the episode, like, 10 more times.

Until then: Talk back! What did you make of the dreams, and the clues, and the umpteen pop-culture references? Post, kids! I’m reading you….

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