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If James had a dragon, I’m sure he would have lit up the Vanderpump Rules reunion set à la Dany on last night’s Game of Thrones. I hope his life coach/former SUR barback watches this and discusses James’ rage at their next session.

Elsewhere, we got Ariana and Lala to reveal more about their tryst in Tom’s back seat. Also, Lady Gaga apparently looooves Brittany’s boobs!

Here are the other highlights from part two of the Rules reunion, and click here to see part one.

  • Jax says that Tom’s not in his wedding party anymore after he continues to defend James.
  • Once again, James’ tear ducts show zero signs of being too dry.
  • They take a break to relieve stress and then Andy brings them back and launches into a debate about Jax being a “recovering sociopath.”
  • James doesn’t care if Jax has changed and he also has no interest in reading Stassi’s book.
  • The night that Lala and Ariana hooked up, Lala was wearing a “bathing suit with a net over it” per Sandoval.
  • Lala didn’t tell Randall but she told her mom about the interaction.
  • Andy and LVP are the only ones on the panel who haven’t hooked up with a girl.
  • Lady Gaga came to TomTom and asked Jax if she could see Brittany’s boobs. Jax showed her a photo. “I would have flashed her,” Brittany.
  • Sandoval got Andy his own helmet and he goes for a ride with Sandoval in the motorcycle sidecar. It breaks down, naturally.
  • LVP awkwardly uses the saying, “True dat.”
  • “Why don’t you like me?” Katie asks James. Uh, I have some ideas.
  • Billie Lee shows up and reveals that she and LVP’s son Max hooked up. Lisa could be her mother-in-law!!! Spin-off reality series!!!
  • Lala says she doesn’t think she was being aggressive with Billie Lee because blood wasn’t drawn.
  • Ariana and Sandoval bought a house which apparently allows for them to use the A/C and the microwave at the same time. Adulting.
  • Then, it’s revealed that Schwartz/Katie, Jax/Brittany, and Kristen all have bought houses in the same neighborhood. I’m going to miss those sad WeHo apartments!
  • Lala admits she’s been sober since Oct. 22 after a boozy trip to Disney with her family.
  • James has crazy rage and admits he hates the cast, which makes it confusing as to why he wants to be on the show and work at SUR.

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