Damon teamed with Silas, while Katherine got two big surprises

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November 01, 2013 at 04:13 AM EDT
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Technically, everyone survived the Whitmore Historical Ball, which is shocking. But that wasn’t the only twist in this episode. Katherine is Nadia’s mom. Katherine is dead… wait, Katherine is alive. Tyler and Caroline are officially over, and he’s apparently headed to New Orleans. Let’s dig in.

We opened with Dr. Maxfield tempting new vampire Jesse with blood. He’s studying what’s been happening to him since his transformation. It’s three days since he’s been fed. His body is burning up, which is presumably why he’s shirtless. It doesn’t take a scientist to know the subject is hungry, Maxfield. But whatever that guy is up to, he thinks Jesse is a good candidate for it.

While Caroline has been distracting herself by having tons of reunion sex with Tyler, Elena has been avoiding talking to Damon on the phone. Instead, she’s been sharing her exposition with her diary: “Dear Diary, do you ever get sick of me writing about death?” It’s been four days since Bonnie’s funeral, and Elena is back at school trying to move on by discovering what Maxfield, who covered up Megan’s death, really knows. Damon will not be denied his screen time: He popped up at the school to accept Elena’s invitation to the Whitmore Historical Ball. It’s the one time of year that the college’s entire collection of artifacts is put on display and people dress up as historical figures. In between morning sex sessions, Caroline informed Tyler that to make up for the fact that he was MIA helping a werewolf pack in the land of no cell reception, they’d be attending it dressed as Bonnie and Clyde. Even Stefan is going. So suck it up, Tyler. Meanwhile, the boy we’d come to know as Aaron was out on campus paying his respects to Megan, Elena and Caroline’s dead roommate, at a sad makeshift memorial. He seemed to know her death wasn’t a suicide and that Megan’s flower of choice was sunflowers. He wouldn’t give Elena his name.

Silas and Nadia had a phone chat and continued to fight over possession of Katherine, aka the “brown-eyed bitch of a cure.” He may not have his super mental powers now, but he does know how to track a call. (How? I would’ve liked that explained.) Katherine, who was starving, offered Nadia some woman-to-woman advice: You don’t piss off the diabolical ones. Why not just hand Katherine over to him, let him sip her blood, and all go their own ways? Maybe don’t offer to hand yourself over to the diabolical ones without knowing the full story, Katherine: Nadia said Silas doesn’t just need a drop of her blood — he needs it all. So she’s Season 2 Elena now.

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Speaking of bad ideas: Damon told Jeremy that he wants to work with Silas. Since Silas wants to die to reunite with his own true love (or whatever), why not use his death to reunite Bonnie with Elena. Nature loves a balance. When Silas takes the cure and becomes a witch, he might be able to do a spell that swaps his life for Bonnie’s. Bonnie is the only one who seems to be paying attention to this show: Silas can’t be trusted, and there are consequences when you abuse magic (especially when you’re resurrecting someone). She said not to do this, but Jeremy told Damon that she was in. She’d given Jeremy too much info to go on: She thinks Silas wants to destroy the other side completely. Qetsiyah would have created a “mystical anchor” — something like the moon, a comet, a doppelgänger — to bind her spell to the other side. That’s what Silas needs to find and Qetsiyah needs to protect. (So it’s like the freakin’ moonstone? Look in someone’s soap dish!) Cutting to and from Damon’s conversation with Silas, we learned that Silas saw Qetsiyah/Tessa buying a Cleopatra costume, so she’d be at the costume ball as well. And oh, Silas needed Damon to kill Stefan. Luckily, that just meant neck-snapping.

Katherine finally got some food in her, and Nadia said she’d let her captive go if she just shared some information. Did Katherine really believe that? If so, she’s slipping. Nadia wanted to know if Katherine really had sold Pearl and her daughter Anna out in 1864 by naming them as vampires. Yes. And then Katherine rattled off her greatest hits: posing as a teenager to get her ex-boyfriends to make out with her; staging a fake fight to trigger her lover’s werewolf curse; “Ooh, and I chopped off this douchey guy’s fingers with a butcher knife once — that was cool.” (Uncle John!) Nadia, who had herself turned into a vampire so she’d be better equipped to tail Katherine for 500 years, claimed Katherine had killed her mom. It was 1645 in Paris. “I go to Paris for shoes. The shoes I remember. Everything else requires a few more details,” Katherine told Nadia. Nadia said Katherine was running from Klaus and when his minions caught up to her, she’d ID’d her mother as Katerina Petrova. Nadia wouldn’t be letting Katherine go. As they left the restaurant, Katherine staked Nadia with a cane. She must still be hella strong to impale her with that. She missed the heart. On purpose.

Bonnie was hella angry at Jeremy for telling Damon she supported his plan with Silas. Something bad could happen. But Jeremy asked what’s worse than seeing her and hearing her and not being able to feel her? “This isn’t enough,” he said. He needs her to let Damon try to bring her back. Do it for sex, Bonnie. Do it for sex.

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At the costume ball, the hottest serial killer in the place (Caroline as Bonnie) admitted she’d emailed the decorating committee some suggestions. Stefan was there, dressed as James Dean. He was buzzed and on the verge of having a good time so he grabbed Caroline to dance. (Stefan always did like to dance.) Elena and Damon were dressed as Anne Boleyn and and Henry VIII. Damon wanted to dance — that boy loves to dance — but Elena wasn’t in the mood. She said it’s not her fault that Bonnie died but it is her fault that she didn’t figure it out sooner. She’s not gonna let Megan’s death fall through the cracks, too. She talked to Aaron and compelled him to tell her whether he killed Megan (no) and why he’s avoiding her — because everyone around him dies. It’s a curse, he said, and if she had any idea about survivor’s guilt, she’d leave him alone. She compelled him to forget the conversation, but now we know why showrunners Julie Plec and Caroline Dries have said Aaron would become a genuine friend to Elena through their shared tragic backstories.

Qetsiyah approached Stefan at the bar and wanted to buy him an “I’m sorry” drink. It would take a keg, Damon said, and led Stefan away. Stefan critiqued Damon as a wingman — “Trust me, the last guy to hit on her is still paying for it,” Damon responded — and then Silas was there. “Hello, me.” Ha. Damon snapped Stefan’s neck. You were angry, and yet, that serious amount of cleavage Damon was rockin’ made you want to forgive him. When Stefan is “dead,” the link between them is gone and Silas has his psychic powers back. (Sure. Why not.) Silas was going to pose as Stefan: This face won Qetsiyah’s heart before, he said. A woman never forgets her first love no matter how badly it ended. (Hear that, Damon?)

Caroline and Tyler weren’t having the best time: She was ready to leave and go use the handcuffs that came with their costumes. He told her he didn’t come back just to get her in bed. She thought he meant he wanted to talk to her as well, but we all knew he was hinting at something more. Qetsiyah and Silas were having a better time — talking about her love of bacon, then dancing. He admitted he’d wanted to hear her say she still loves him, but when she wouldn’t, he got down to business. Using his powers, he got her to tell him she created the anchor but the Travelers hid it after they killed her. They move it frequently. She’s there to find a pendant of hers on display that will increase her power so she can do the locator spell that will help her find the anchor. He told her to forget their conversation. Off she went, just as Stefan came to. He was pumped with vervain, so Damon could easily snap his neck again after he explained he was doing this to get Bonnie back for Elena.

Katherine found Nadia collapsed in an alley with the cane still stuck in her chest. TWIST TIME: That story about Katherine in 1645 was bogus. Klaus’ minions never would have confused someone else for her. Nadia finally told the truth: Katherine had killed her mother, but it was on April 6, 1492 in a little cottage in England. She stuck her mother’s head in a noose and pushed her off the chair. Longtime fans knew it already, because they’ve seen that moment in flashback: “My name is Nadia Petrova. And you are my mother.” This should be interesting! (Also, you totally thought of, “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die,” too, right?)

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Back at the dance, Dr. Maxfield was dressed as Dr. Jekyl. He wasn’t responsible for the whereabouts of his darker half, Mr. Hyde, he joked to Elena. Then Elena went all Never Been Kissed on him and danced with him. YES, IT’S INAPPROPRIATE — even if Maxfield said she wasn’t and never would be one of his students. She’s A student. Big news: Maxfield told Elena his theory that a vampire hunted Megan down, ripped her throat out and threw her off the building. And then he said they were never going to see each other again because there are people at this school watching her and her friends and asking questions she doesn’t want them to ask. He suggested she pack her things, drop out, and move back to Mystic Falls. So is he trying to help Elena in some way we’ve yet to realize?

Tyler finally had the conversation with Caroline: He told her they were back together because Klaus gave them permission to be together and he couldn’t live with that. Klaus had killed his mother and gotten away with it; he couldn’t think about school and partying. He was there to say goodbye so he could go find a way to destroy Klaus’ life. Understandable, on one level. Sounds like he’ll be popping up on The Originals.

Qetsiyah did some snooping and found the pendant. She thought Stefan had found her, but it was Silas. We knew from the headache that Stefan was awake again. Damon didn’t. Stefan tricked him and snapped his neck. “How’s it feel, brother?” Stefan found Qetsiyah and Silas. He beat down Silas and took back his ring. He told her that Silas is working with Damon and everything Silas had said to her was a lie. Payback time.

Silas: “You love me. You know you love me.”

Qetsiyah: “I did love you. And then you broke my heart. And now I’m gonna break yours.”

She reached into his chest and stopped his heart from working so his veins would dry out and he’d rot from the inside out — and so the world could see him exactly as he is, a cold grey hideous monster.

She felt peace then? No, not really. She seemed sad.

We learned that Maxfield is Aaron’s legal guardian (who doesn’t want him to drink and drive). He manages Aaron’s trust — so Aaron is hot and loaded? Maxfield told him to stay away from Elena and to be safe. They’re clearly not close.

Damon and Elena found Silas. Elena thought it was good that Silas is out of commission. But Damon knew it wasn’t. Because they needed him to get Bonnie back? Or because that meant Stefan just got his memory back?

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Nadia woke up in a bad hotel room and the stake was out of her. She told Katherine she was a fool not to run. But Katherine’s confident that she’s pretty good at dodging the diabolical ones — and plus, Silas won’t drink her to cure himself until after he destroys the other side. (Ha!) If he’s mortal and dies as a witch when the supernatural purgatory still exists, he’ll go there. Katherine had one question: Where was Nadia when Katherine went back to Bulgaria and searched for her daughter? “It’s nice to meet you,” Katherine said. Nadia had a single tear. AND SO DID I.

Tyler was wearing a hot Henley when Caroline told him to stay and be the love of her life — love her more than he hates Klaus. I teared up and got chills. Such a great line. Tyler had tears in his eyes when he told her he couldn’t do that. She told him if he took another step, they were through. And that bastard left. Caroline cried and I got chills again. And teared up. Wow, wasn’t expecting that breakup to hit me that hard. It’s not like Tyler’s been around and this has been an epic love as of late. But that was so… final. You had to feel for them.

Back at Salvatore Mansion, desiccated Silas was on the couch as Elena and Damon gave us a status report: The only way for Silas to trade his life for Bonnie’s is if he’s a witch. The only way to become a witch is to have the cure. And knock, knock. Who could be at the door? Damon had invited the brown-eyed cure over. Katherine thought she was there so they could show her that she’d eluded death yet again. They finally did something right for once. How did it feel? “Thrilling,” Damon said. And she figured it out. Damon bit her neck and she begged him: She said Silas would need all of her blood and she didn’t want to die. Why didn’t she pull out the, “I just found my daughter!” card? They wouldn’t have believed her? “Goodbye, Katherine,” he said, and he held her head down to Silas’ mouth. Silas’ hand came up to her head just as it had to Jeremy’s. I expected Elena to stop Damon, but then Katherine had killed Jeremy and this is to bring Bonnie back. Katherine dropped to the floor, and I was sad. For a moment. But then Damon heard something. Her heartbeat. She awoke. “Am I in hell?” she asked. Had she consumed some of Nadia’s vampire blood, just in case someone tried to kill her when she was out and about? Was she the mystical anchor? (But she wasn’t around 2,000 years ago, right?) Did Silas NOT need to drink all of her? Had Qetsiyah done some sort of spell? Or had “Matt”? Theories?

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