As Katherine fights for Nadia's life, she has one more trick up her sleeve

By Mandi Bierly
Updated March 07, 2014 at 02:45 AM EST
Tina Rowden/The CW

Katherine Pierce is dead. And presumably in hell. I’ll admit there was a part of me that thought she might actually sacrifice herself for her daughter. You could argue she did. But since she tried to bolt for the door as soon as Nadia died, I don’t think she deserves full credit for coming back so Nadia wouldn’t die without thinking her mother loved her more than she loved her own freedom. If I were Nadia, I’d be a little annoyed that Katherine didn’t think about getting to join her on the other side as a positive. Maybe that’s why she went to hell in the end. Well, that and injecting Elena’s body with the super vampire-eating hybrid-fied venom. Let’s dig in.

We opened with feverish Nadia having a dream about searching door-to-door for Katherine in Northern Europe in 1520. When she came to, Katherine told her she couldn’t ask Klaus for his blood because he wouldn’t help her anyway, plus it would out “Elena” as Katherine. Instead, she’d called Wes, who allegedly was willing to study Nadia’s blood and create the antidote. He took some blood, and Katherine vowed to be a better mother, which meant saving her daughter’s life.

Stefan broke the news to Damon about Katherine being a passenger in Elena, and that meant he’d gone off the deep end for nothing, essentially. They weren’t ready to let him loose to take care of his nemesis (Wes), instead there was a meeting of the minds in the Salvatore living room — with Jeremy and Bonnie on the phone. Caroline berated herself for letting Katherine pick out her Bitter Ball gown and use her toothpaste. When they realized she was behind everything bad that had happened recently, Tyler spoke for everyone when he said, “How do we kill the bitch?” All they had to do is stab her with the Traveler’s knife, which Matt still had.

The problem, of course, was Katherine would see a sneak attack coming, so they had to get her to come to them by inviting her to something that Elena could never miss. Caroline tried to get her to come help set up for a surprise birthday party for Bonnie, but nope, Katherine said she had to make arrangements for Aaron’s funeral, which trumps a birthday. Exhausted anchor Bonnie tried to get her to meet her for coffee, but Katherine said she was at the spa buying Bonnie a gift certificate for her birthday. Well played, Katherine. She smelled a rat: Why were they being so clingy today? Yes, having Bonnie in an episode IS suspicious!

Down in the cellar, Stefan cut himself to make Damon a 4 oz. shot of vampire blood. According to Caroline’s calculations — don’t worry, she had a calculator (ha!) — that’s what he needs three times a day to keep the hunger at bay. THAT is a good brother. Damon wanted free to go find Wes and the antidote, but Stefan was afraid he’d bolt town afterward and leave him to tell the real Elena what all Damon had done when he thought she’d broken up with him. Just as Stefan prepared to call Katherine, she phoned Damon, who told her to come on over and talk about what happened at the farmhouse. Katherine knew Damon would never put Elena in that danger again, so they must know she’s Katherine. And Stefan and Damon figured out that Katherine had been testing Damon to see if her secret was out.

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Another dream, France 1720: Nadia was trying to bribe a man for information on Katherine to find out what kind of woman she was. She’s the kind of woman who decides to hide her daughter in a church until Wes finds a cure. Nadia told Katherine to leave now while she could, but Katherine insisted they’d leave TOGETHER once Nadia is better.

Damon had the idea to ask the witch who did the locator spell when he was threatening Jeremy’s life to find Elena. Bonnie and Jeremy found the witch on campus and she seemed to agree to help because she wanted to ogle Jeremy in-person. Can’t blame her. Tyler was on Damon Watch, meanwhile, and ugh, Tyler should’ve been smarter. Couldn’t he see Damon was just provoking him by talking about his relationship with Caroline to get him into the cell? Especially since Damon suggested, like, a minute earlier that Tyler feed him some of his hybrid blood and let him walk to take care of Wes? Damon drank enough from Tyler to break free of his chains, and off he went.

Tyler came to and told Stefan and Caroline he thought Damon was going after Wes. The witch flirted with Jeremy while she did the locator spell but found the church. Katherine also headed out to find Wes because he was taking too long. He seemed to just finish his research when Damon showed up. Apparently Enzo did go free after he helped Wes one final time, because Enzo’s the one who told Damon where to find Wes. They exchanged words and, um, Damon sorta punched a hole inside him and then cut his eye with a scalpel.

Nadia flashed back to her night in Prague with Matt and Rebekah. We saw how she took Matt’s ring so she’d have a reason to see him again. She told him all about Katherine being her mother, and compelled him to forget it, of course. Katherine found Wes, presumably dead from Damon playing doctor, and Stefan called her to let her know they’d moved Nadia from the church to Salvatore Mansion. Nadia yelled for Katherine to run. Katherine had tears in her eyes. But she also looked pissed.

Matt put another pillow underneath Nadia’s head and held her hand. He was kind enough to pretend he was Gregor when she apologized for betraying him to help Katherine. She told Matt she didn’t want to die. Bonnie sat down with her and told Nadia what would happen: She’d take her hand, and she’d go to the other side, just like that. Bonnie told her she’d feel no pain. Sweet, really.

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Katherine stormed in and said she was there to see her daughter. As Nadia took her last breaths, she said, “My mother’s name is Katherine. I’m looking for her.” I teared up. Katherine told her she found her, she’s right there. Nadia said her mother’s a liar, a murderer, she manipulates, and she betrays, and she’d do anything to survive. Nadia just kept saying she’s looking for her mother. Katherine wanted to show her what her life should have been like. Oh god, I started to cry again. She said they had a little cottage. It was an ordinary summer day. Nadia had built a fort that she would show her mother in the morning. Katherine told her good night and to sleep well. And then Nadia died. “Your mother loves you,” Katherine said, with a tear falling down her face. Nadia was there outside her body with tears rolling down her cheeks, too. Nadia took Bonnie’s hand, disappeared, and Bonnie cried out. Then it was over.

Katherine stood, faced the crowd, and said this is it. Then she bolted for the door. But Damon was there. Katherine wanted to know who had the knife that would finally kill her. She went person-to-person telling Tyler and Caroline how she made them better by helping them become supernatural. She called Matty Blue the best night she never had (but your daughter did!). She told Jeremy it was nice to have a brother for the minute when he wasn’t being so annoying and “Bon-Bon” that there was no need for goodbyes because she’d see her on the flip side. She apologized to Damon for making him who he was — only that was into someone who knew how to love. DAMN, SHE’S GOOD. That left Stefan. She told him she’d always loved him and kissed him — and that’s when he stabbed her. She died on the floor, leaning back against the couch. A little heavy-handed there at the end, making sure the blanket fell off Nadia’s face so we could see her? Yes. But go with it.

Jeremy wanted to bury Nadia in the woods as instructed, but Matt picked her dead body up off the couch and said she deserved better. Ah, Matt. Damon and Stefan were impatiently waiting for Elena to wake up and Damon vowed he’d tell Elena everything. Outside, Caroline admitted she felt sad for Katherine, and Tyler used it as a chance to remind her that she sees the good in everyone that’s evil. Thank you, Caroline, for finally saying what you ranted to Tyler: His bite just killed someone, and no one’s making him feel guilty. She’s a vampire who struggles with bad impulses like everyone, and she slept with Klaus after Tyler walked out on her. So, you know, either shut up about it or get out of her life. She’s done feeling guilty.

At the church, Bonnie lit a candle for her father. And who was there laughing but Katherine. She said she was sick of Elena getting everything that Katherine had ever wanted. She said Wes had no intention of helping Nadia. After Stefan’s call, Katherine had found Wes’ tape recorder. He’d extracted the werewolf venom from Nadia’s blood and combined it with the ripper virus to make it even more lethal to vampires bitten. Katherine stabbed herself with the super virus. When Elena came to, she found the syringe inside her jacket. If she couldn’t have Stefan, Katherine said, then no one can. Katherine was ready now. Only she couldn’t pass through Bonnie. I guess Damon saying he’d see her in hell was foreshadowing. It seems Katherine was dragged to hell screaming. Does that mean we can never see her again?

Your turn. What do you think happens next?