As Bonnie works her magic, some familiar faces return (and one says goodbye?)
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I feel bad for cheering inappropriately when Bonnie said, “Ohmygod… I’m dead,” but it was time. It was like a mercy killing, at this point. Rarely has a character been so essential to one plot line and so unnecessary to all the rest. We’ve seen photos of Bonnie in next week’s graduation episode, but let’s remember, with the veil down in the Expression Triangle, she can still be there as a ghost. So she’s really dead. Or, she better be. (Does anyone want her to live? Nothing against Kat Graham, who’s lovely. But if you answer yes, pitch me Bonnie’s next story line.) Let’s go back to the start of the hour.

To distract Elena from her mission to kill Katherine, Stefan began to train her in how to kick a cinder block’s ass. After she failed to do the number of pull-ups Stefan requested and realized he wasn’t going to help her find Katherine, we found out everyone is mailing their graduation announcements. And by everyone, we mean Caroline. Matt has no loved ones left and Elena just has those family friends in Denver. (Could they be a hot couple that’s Alaric’s age? Will we ever get to meet them?)

Katherine, meanwhile, met creepy Bonnie in the woods where we learned that Bonnie wanted to charge all three points of the Expression Triangle (where the massacres had taken place) and channel the mystical energy from Silas’ tombstone. That would drop the veil inside the points of the Triangle just long enough to get what she needs — which is to contact Qetsiyah and find out how she put Silas down. Katherine tried to walk away, but Bonnie had linked them so that Katherine was on an invisible leash and whatever happened to one of them happened to the other. Bonnie couldn’t have Silas getting inside Katherine’s head and finding out Bonnie could do the spell whenever she wanted.

Damon and Stefan ended up at the hospital because Sheriff Forbes needed to be brought up to speed on Silas because at least five patients in the hospital had been drained of nearly all their blood. He was fueling up for something, they presumed. Really, they just needed to be with her when Bonnie blew fuses throughout Mystic Falls to get her “charge” (which apparently comes with a lot of wind and bad sound), so she could pinpoint where the power outages originated. Stefan realized they were the points on the Expression Triangle and that Bonnie would probably be trying to do the spell now at its center.

Elena, having informed Rebekah they were no longer friends and Caroline that she wouldn’t apologize for being a bitch to her because then she’d have to feel bad about EVERY thing she’d done when her humanity was off, wanted to go searching for Bonnie with Damon. Why? She wanted him to tell her where Katherine is. Damon ultimately did, because she’s with Bonnie. Stefan, meanwhile, went inside to look for Bonnie and found Caroline. We didn’t know at the time that when Caroline had gone back inside the Grill to call her mother and ask about the outages, Silas had gotten in her mind and told her to repeatedly cut her wrists. They heard a noise in the kitchen — was that the real Caroline then — but they saw nothing but water dripping to the tunnels below. They were in the right place, Stefan said, just the wrong level.

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Damon and Elena came inside, but he didn’t want her to go underground because he was afraid Katherine would kill her or Elena would kill Katherine and then feel too much. So Elena staked him and went on her way. In the hellmouth (it’s not one, but I miss using that Buffy term), Bonnie made Silas’ headstone drip Qetsiyah’s calcified blood — that was awesome. Spooky and simple. The veil was down.

As Damon struggled above in a hallway to get the stake out of his gut, someone walked up. Alaric! Exactly who I wanted it to be. “Need a hand?” he asked. Man, I’ve missed that smirk. Thanks for getting canceled, Cult. Alaric pulled out the stake, but slight problem: Damon wasn’t sure it wasn’t Silas. “So this is either really good or really bad,” Damon said. “It’s good to see you, too, Damon,” Alaric answered. He proved it was really him by opening up Locker 42, and taking out a bottle of their favorite booze. When they hugged, I teared up. Alaric told Damon the veil is only down within the triangle, so not everyone has a reason to come back to Mystic Falls (like looking after their idiot best friends — best friends!). That’s a clever way to explain why we’re not seeing tons of supes, and yet, wouldn’t you want to come across and touch things in the real world if you could — even if it wasn’t in a place where you had business.

Rebekah was using the blackout to make a serious move on Matt at the candle-lit Grill when Kol returned. He wanted Matt to tell him where Elena was, and when Matt wouldn’t, he threw a broken bottle top at him. Weak, Kol.

Down in the hellmouth, Katherine heard someone coming, so Bonnie gave her more leash so she could go stop them. It was Elena, who managed to stake Katherine in the stomach. Bonnie felt it, too, and bled. Elena could’ve finished Katherine off (really?), but Stefan had heard from Bonnie about the link, so he stopped Elena. Katherine bolted.

Rebekah pulled the glass out of Matt’s shoulder and offered to give him her blood to fix him. He didn’t want it, he said, because people have a bad habit of turning into vamps in this town and he wanted to graduate as a human. Rebekah went to get the First Aid kit from the kitchen and found Caroline sitting, mumbling, and slicing her wrists. So it was Silas posing as Caroline at the school, and after Bonnie told him about her plan to speak to Qetsiyah, he revealed himself. Bonnie had thought he couldn’t get inside her head anymore — because that’s what he wanted her to think, he said. He appeared as himself (or is that not even him?), as Caroline, and as Stefan. He’ll always be one step ahead of her, he told her. Candice Accola makes the best faux Silas, after Joseph Morgan, right?

Stefan explained to Elena why he’d stopped her, but she didn’t want to hear it. They argued over Katherine, and Stefan told her what she needed to do was not kill her doppelgänger but face her grief. He thought it was good when she transferred her rage onto him. Nope, she said she could hate two people at the same time. She punched him good when he tried to stop her from leaving.

Matt called Damon and gave him the update on Silas and Caroline. Caroline was still determined to cut off her wrists — until Rebekah smacked her back to her senses. “BITCH!” Caroline said. “There is the Caroline I know and loathe,” Rebekah said. Yay, all is well in the world again.

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While Silas tried to strange Bonnie with her own mind, Elena went to see Jeremy’s grave and critique the uninspired writing on the stone, “Brother and Friend.” She broke down in tears. She realized Stefan was right: Killing Katherine would do nothing for her. At this point, I started writing WHY ISN’T JEREMY COMING BACK??? in my notes. Elena said she can’t move on and doesn’t want to. If that makes her weak, then fine. She can’t handle him being gone or feeling like this anymore. WHERE IS HE??? Someone showed up — Kol.

In the hellmouth, Grams finally appeared to tell Bonnie that her suffocating wasn’t real. She got her to breathe again. I got teary again there. We found out Grams has been fine this whole time, watching over Bonnie. Bonnie apologized for messing up. Grams told her that she was powerful enough to immobilize Silas herself; screw Qetsiyah.

Damon stumbled into Silas when he looked like Alaric and put a chain around his neck. Bonnie literally worked her magic and made Silas turn into stone again, like Qetsiyah had. He was becoming his true self, Bonnie said, before it was complete. So I guess we HAVEN’T seen the real Silas? He just wanted to play Phantom of the Opera for a while?

At Jeremy’s grave, Elena’s ass was getting kicked. She told Kol to kill her, he’d be doing her a favor. He was about to oblige when he had to drop her to catch a stake. JEREMY! I guess it took him a long time to find his crossbow — that’s why we didn’t see him sooner. “How many times do I need to kill you?” Jeremy asked him. “Kill me once, shame on you. Kill me twice, shame on –” oops, Kol didn’t get to finish that thought. Stefan was there to snap his neck. “Let’s leave it at that, shall we?” Stefan quipped. Jeremy went to Elena, who was lying on the ground. When she reached out to touch him, I got chills. Like really long chills. And then I teared up again.

While everyone stood around and tried to figure out what to do with Silas’ body, Elena and Bonnie made peace. Then Bonnie got to hug Jeremy. She said she’d give Jeremy and Elena as much time as she could, but she was going to have to put up the veil. I wanted more of a goodbye between Jeremy and Bonnie — do you think she already knew she was going to try to bring Jeremy back? When Elena and Jeremy embraced, it was so sweet. It made me think about how wonderful it’d feel to hug my late father again. But then I thought about having to lose him again. Another tender moment in that scene: When Stefan told a newly stable Elena, “Welcome, back.”

Stefan went to the Grill, and Caroline was there ready to toast the (temporary?) end of Silas. He was still Mr. Blue. “There was someone that I thought I would see today, and I didn’t. That’s all,” he explained. “You better mean me,” answered… LEXI! “You’ve got to be kidding me,” Stefan said, getting up to hug her. So great to see him smiling. “Thank you for keeping an eye on this one,” Lexi told Caroline. So great. Later, we’d seen them walking and laughing and Lexi joking that Stefan had replaced her with another blonde. “She’s cute,” she said of Caroline. Stefan told her not to start. (No, Lexi, start!)

Alaric and Damon were off burying Silas’ body and having a drink themselves. Damon said he thought Alaric had cut back, and Alaric said he thought Damon would take care of the children. Ah, so now Damon knows Alaric was there the night that Damon visited his grave and gave that great monologue. Alaric had found the cure in Silas’ pocket and gave it to Damon. Damon didn’t know what the hell to do with it. “Get the girl,” Alaric said.

This was all too happy a note to end on, clearly. Back at the hellmouth — or perhaps we could call it Candle Cave — Bonnie told Grams that she wasn’t bringing the veil back up just yet. She wanted to bring Jeremy back for good for Elena. Grams told her no. But Bonnie said she has all the power and got superveiny and Grams couldn’t even watch, she disappeared. Bonnie collapsed to the ground. “Can she be dead?!!!” I wrote.

We got one more look at Matt and Rebekah, who’d emerged from the Grill. Matt thanked her for pulling Caroline out of the hallucination but wait: Who’s that in the town square? ALEXANDER, Rebekah’s Hunter ex. She told Matt they needed to get out of there. They turned to run, but there were Connor and Vaughn. Ooh, this is gonna be goooood.

Bonnie came to and stood up. Grams eventually touched her shoulder. “I’m sorry, Bonnie. The spell, it was just too much,” she said. Bonnie turned to see her body was still on the ground. “Ohmygod… I’m dead,” she said. Exact quote from my notes: “YAYYYYY!”

So I wonder what’s going to happen next week. If Bonnie is in her cap and gown, will she pretend she’s still alive for Elena’s sake until we get an emotional goodbye? Will she get to leave with Jeremy? Who do you want to get the cure? Will it be a letdown if it’s Elena?

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