As the boys work on No Humanity Elena, Silas does a number on Caroline and Bonnie strikes a deal

By Mandi Bierly
Updated May 03, 2013 at 04:35 AM EDT
The Vampire Diaries Shes Come Undone
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We’ve got our Elena back. And, she’s gunning for Katherine. Hello, Sweeps! Speaking of May, since it’s this time of year, I truly thought we’d lost Liz Forbes for good. I just sat there with my hand over my mouth, ready to open my own emotional floodgates when it was official. But Liz lived. Let’s dig in.

We began with Damon using a trick these TVD vamps should utilize more often — invading each other’s minds. He was inside Elena’s, making her think she was walking on school grounds talking to Caroline, who’d just been named valedictorian. He wanted to show her all she’s missing out on. The Salvatores had her locked in their version of solitary, a tall safe.

Caroline didn’t understand the torture tactics. But they were trying to trigger fear, anger, self-pity, anything. Caroline begged to talk to Elena and Stefan gave in. Elena wasn’t happy to see her, even if Elena had brought her a little vervain-free blood in a bottle. I was certain Elena was going to stab Caroline with that glass, but no, she wanted to cut her with her words. Elena told Caroline she’d been too clingy to keep Tyler and too much of a tease to keep Klaus in Mystic Falls. She tried to ruin Caroline’s excitement for graduation — and then she tried to kill her again. Caroline snapped her neck. Yay! She told Stefan to do whatever he needed to.

Rebekah was at the Grill, drinking alone, when Matt showed up. She told him her sob story — she lost the cure to Silas, her brothers have run off to New Orleans so she’s free (but also alone). She wanted him to stay for a drink, but on his way out to go see Caroline, they got into a fight about the efforts to save Elena. Rebekah doesn’t think Elena is broken and wants her Mean Girl sidekick back. In short, Matt told Rebekah if she’s so miserable in Mystic Falls, she should take her freedom and get the hell out. He’d do that, if he wasn’t trapped there with no money and no hope of actually graduating. (We’ve seen photos of him in a cap and gown at graduation, so I was already thinking someone would offer to compel someone to change his grades.)

Bonnie was back in the picture this hour. When Caroline phoned her to invite her over to the Salvatore Torture Party, Bonnie said she was busy studying French. Really, she was off meeting with Katherine.

At Salvatore Mansion, Elena was brought upstairs and tied to a chair without her dayring. Stefan opened the curtains, and I learned that I AM A HORRIBLE PERSON. I REALLY DO LIKE TO SEE NO HUMANITY ELENA SUFFER. When we came back from a commercial, Damon was using a fire extinguisher to put out the flames on her arm. It’s so Damon to be proud of the fact that he was able to get a hint of rage from her (the usual emotion he elicits from people). She told him she was going to kill him. Stefan kept playing good cop, which was kind of annoying, but he didn’t hesitate to pull back the curtains far enough to burn her face the next time.

When Matt arrived, Caroline told him he had to keep talking to her so she wouldn’t listen in and hear Elena suffer. She said she ordered both him and Elena graduation gowns. Always the planner. Rebekah showed up next, sweetly delivering Matt burgers because she knows the only thing the Salvatores stock up on is blood and booze. Caroline wanted Rebekah to go immediately, but then Rebekah asked to stay and help tutor Matt. Caroline hadn’t known he was seriously behind in History, Italian, and Math. (He’s a senior — that should have been more specific, like Calculus.) “This year’s been a little distracting,” Matt said, defending himself with an understatement. That’s it: Caroline was off to go home and get her flash cards, study guides, and energy bars. “You dated that?” Rebekah quipped. “She likes projects,” Matt said. Cute.

Outside, Caroline sensed someone was there. Klaus appeared. We all guessed it was Silas. Why didn’t she?

NEXT: Silas wants in on the torture, too

Back to Bonnie: She wanted Katherine to give her Silas’ headstone, which she assumed Katherine had brought back from the island. Bonnie insisted she hasn’t changed sides to Team Silas. In two days, she explained, there’d be a full moon and Silas wanted her to harness its power to drop the veil. Then he’d take the cure and die. She told him she’d help him, and she’s been hiding ever since. She wants the headstone and Katherine’s help to stop him from unleashing hell on earth. Of course, Katherine asked what’s in it for her. Bonnie’s answer of “I’ll make it worth your while” wouldn’t have satisfied me. Bonnie also claimed Silas can no longer get in her head because she can see his true face. WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING? Making up rules as we go!

Elena was burning again, and this time, she launched a verbal assault on Damon. She told him he was right — she never loved him, it was just the sire bond. We’ve heard that so much now, I don’t know how it has any effect on Damon whatsoever. Elena broke free from her singed rope constraints, pulled back the curtains herself, and set herself on fire. Part of me would have been fine if she killed herself at that moment, but the brothers stopped her. They love her too much to ever really hurt her, Elena said, so what does she have to be afraid of?

Damon couldn’t understand why Elena wasn’t doing what every other vampire eventually does — turn on her emotions. Stefan reminded him it’s because Elena has NOTHING to come back to. If they weren’t going to hurt her, they had to bring in someone who would. Stefan thought of Katherine. Elijah had abandoned her, she’s lonely and bored — why wouldn’t she want to help torture Elena for fun?

“Klaus” and Caroline went for a walk in the woods so he could beg her to come to New Orleans and eventually, she realized he was Silas. He was there to threaten her life if she didn’t get Bonnie to come out of hiding. I realized in that wide shot of Silas holding Caroline up against a tree how STUPID it is for vampires, who can be killed by wooden stakes, to live in such a heavily forested part of the country. Get thee to a city, Caroline. Also, THIS is how you play Silas, Steven R. McQueen. Joseph Morgan was twisted and terrifying speaking directly into Caroline’s ear before he staked her close to her heart.

Back at the Salvatores, Matt and Rebekah were supposed to be studying Italian, but it turned into her trying to sell him on the idea of “taking advantage” of all she has to offer — the ability to compel him good grades and a scholarship — so he doesn’t get left behind because his friends are time-sucks. Matt didn’t want to cheat, but you know, his life has pretty much blown, so I don’t think Rebekah was out of line to offer. Katherine arrived to interrupt that heart-to-heart, and Matt stormed off to find Caroline so she could argue with Damon about letting Katherine anywhere near Elena. Caroline awoke in the woods. Though the lighting made it seem like it was all in her mind and she shouldn’t have been moving, she got up and ran. She thought she saw Matt, but it was Silas. Then she saw Klaus, but it was Silas, and he threatened to kill the person she loves the most. She phoned her mother to warn her to get home and not let anyone in the house — not even her since she had her key. Caroline got a glimpse of Silas’ real face when he was scaring her as she tried to drive off, right? So by Bonnie’s reasoning, shouldn’t that have meant he couldn’t get into Caroline’s mind?

NEXT: The tears start

Katherine began her torture of Elena by reaching into Elena’s body to touch her heart. The bloody hand afterward = awesome. But Katherine wasn’t just there for kicks. She wanted to know what Elena had said to turn Elijah against her. After they verbally sparred, Katherine said Elena wouldn’t last a week as a vampire without everyone fawning all over her. But she’d like to see her try…

Katherine saddled up to Damon to remind us again that EVERYONE thinks Elena will go back to Stefan once she gets her humanity back. Stefan burst in to say Elena was gone. Katherine hadn’t locked her in. She wanted to see her escape and raise hell, which would be more entertaining. Damon decided to take Matt with him as bait.

Caroline arrived at her house and smartly dialed her mother’s cell phone to make sure it was her. (Was that already Silas, or did Liz accidentally leave him in later?) Meanwhile, hungry Elena stumbled through the woods, and Matt found her. He thought reminding her of their friendship would keep her from feeding on him. He was wrong.

Bonnie showed up at Caroline’s, and Caroline wasn’t sure it was her. Bonnie grew angry because she could see it wasn’t the real Liz standing behind Caroline. It was Silas. As Caroline ran to her mother, who was collapsed and bleeding in another room, Silas made Bonnie promise that she would help him. She told him she’d just been gathering her strength, etc., and she was in. If she breaks her promise, she’ll have to answer to him, he said. That seemed pretty obvious, right? Caroline tried to feed her mother some blood and couldn’t get any into her. Let’s say she’s still breathing but too weak to drink. Can Caroline cut herself and put blood in the wound, I wondered. (I didn’t know Liz had a medical kit nearby.)

In the woods, Elena kicked Matt because she wanted him to wake up so she could feed again. The Salvatores finally stepped in, and then Damon had enough: He told Elena that he was going to kill Matt. She called his bluff, and he snapped Matt’s neck. Did Stefan know about the ring? I didn’t think so at the time. Elena went to Matt, believing he was gone, and when Damon showed her that he was wearing the resurrection ring, he said she was experiencing joy that her friend wasn’t dead. Got ya! I would call it more like relief, but either way, it’s a feeling. And Nina Dobrev is such a great crier.

The memories came back to Elena: What she’d done to Matt, Caroline, Bonnie, and that waitress that she actually killed. She started crying, broke the glass in the truck’s window, and just generally freaked out. Stefan told her he knew this stage: She had to focus on one thing inside of her that makes her strong and latch on to it. She had to find the thing inside of her that makes her want to live. (I would’ve asked her then what she was thinking of.) She calmed, and Nina was so good: You could see her finding that one thing. Stefan told Elena to breathe it in and let everything else out. She breathed, she screamed, and she said she wasn’t okay but it’ll get better. The tears in Paul Wesley’s eyes also got me.

NEXT: The tears continue

Back at Caroline’s house, she took my advice — in a way. Using a syringe, she took her own blood and stabbed her mother in the torso with the needle. “Mom, mom, open your eyes. Come on, wake up. You have to wake up,” she pleaded. “You have to see me graduate. I swear I’ll get you out of this town. And find you a nice man. Mom.” Caroline’s emotional scenes with her parents have always destroyed me. It wasn’t Buffy and “The Body,” but it was damn close. Just when I accepted that she was gone, Liz gasped. Caroline cried and embraced her.

Matt also gasped, and Rebekah was there to greet him, marveling at seeing the ring in action. She told him he’d succeeded: Elena’s emotional floodgates were open. Rebekah’s right: What he did was brave. Matt said he has to pay Elena back for saving him at the bottom of that river. (That’s when I thought maybe Stefan had been involved in a conversation about snapping Matt’s neck, since Stefan was the one who’d told Matt he’d have to find a way to earn Elena’s sacrifice at the start of the season.) And oh right, Matt was talking about the night REBEKAH TRIED TO KILL HIM, TOO. She said she couldn’t apologize enough (another understatement), and if she couldn’t cheat him into college, she’d help him study to pay him back for convincing her to save April and be good for a change. Apology accepted, I guess?

Katherine met back up with Bonnie. Katherine said Silas’ tombstone is filled with Qetsiyah’s blood, so maybe since Bonnie has Qetsiyah’s blood in her, she’s powerful enough to do the spell to drop the veil at any time. (Sure?) But why does Bonnie want to drop the veil at all? She has her reasons. I don’t like cryptic Bonnie. Katherine again asked what’s in it for her? We got an answer this time: Her freedom. Bonnie said if the veil is down, she can talk to Qetsiyah, who created the spell that made Silas truly immortal. Bonnie can give that to Katherine. Katherine said they had a deal. (Wait, why are we so sure Qetsiyah will play ball?)

Elena was back at Salvatore Mansion. She got it now: shutting off your emotions is a cheat. Things have happened that can’t be undone, she said. And she needs to do something about that. Stefan wanted her to rest for, like, a couple of years. I wasn’t sure what Elena was talking about: Was she going to find the family of the waitress she’d killed? No. Turns out, the reason she had to live was to kill Katherine, who she blames for everything — ruining their lives, bringing Klaus to Mystic Falls, killing Jeremy. This is going to be an epic battle. I now understand why Nina Dobrev needed that vacation with Julianne Hough.

Your turn. What did you think of the episode? How do you think this is all going to play out? And here, watch part of “The Body.”

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