Klaus gets life-changing news in New Orleans and decides to reclaim his kingdom
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HAYLEY IS PREGNANT WITH KLAUS’ CHILD. What was your reaction? I screamed, “What?… What?… What?” at my TV, then laughed at how giddy a show pulling off that huge of a twist makes me. I never saw it coming. Let’s dig in.

Katherine showed up at Salvatore Mansion and told the brothers that Klaus was gone — Hayley was just the thing they needed to get Klaus out of their lives for good. Hayley was in New Orleans, showing more cleavage than ever. Now we know she has a pregnancy craving for gumbo, which is cook/witch Sophie’s speciality. Hayley told Sophie’s sister, Jane-Anne, that no one in the French Quarter remembers her family, and Jane-Anne said that’s because werewolves were run out of town years ago. She told Hayley she’d find them in the bayou. Oh, and she stole a piece of Hayley’s hair. I was thinking for some kind of locator spell.

The sisters went to Lafayette Cemetery No. 1, and Sophie clearly didn’t want Jane-Anne to do whatever she was about to do there, but Jane-Anne said they need Hayley to get to Klaus. Hayley drove to the spot Jane-Anne had circled on her map, and Jane-Anne somehow set the map on fire. Hayley threw the map out of the car, so I expected the fire to build, but no, Hayley just found herself surrounded by witches. When Jane-Anne blew out a candle, Hayley fainted, and it was Sophie who caught her.

Back in Mystic Falls, Elijah told Rebekah about Klaus going to New Orleans, probably to “silence and slaughter” whoever was threatening him. We cut to Klaus walking happily in the French Quarter. Rebekah said she was hoping the witches there had found a way to kill Klaus once and for all. Elijah would go solo then. He was determined to find out who was plotting against Klaus, and then he’d either stop them or help them depending on his mood. Daniel Gillies has the best delivery on the show.

Klaus sat down with a fortune-teller, who knew he was the Original Hybrid. This is where we got out first taste of Marcel’s power over the witches. They’re not allowed to talk to outsiders. But she did tell him where he could find Marcel — karaoking “How You Like Me Now?” at a bar midday. Badass! First impression: Charles Michael Davis fits right in with the CW’s stable of hot men. Also, I was mesmerized by how a vampire as naughty as him keeps his teeth so white. Those are like Walton Goggins-white. Justified finally addressed them this season; When The Originals gets picked up, I hope we get a scene of Marcel brushing.

Their reunion was tense. We learned Mikael had run Klaus out of New Orleans about 100 years ago and left dead vampires in his wake. Klaus is Marcel’s sire, and Marcel has shared the secret of the daylight ring with his inner circle, who he considers family. How did he get witches to make them rings? Marcel said he has the witches wrapped around his finger. And speaking of witches, Klaus said he was looking for Jane-Anne. “Show time,” Marcel said.

NEXT: Bye, Jane-Anne, you could still be a ghost

Marcel led Klaus and his inner circle on a walk through the city, where we saw vampires on balconies and rooftops. It was unnerving even before we realized there really was a mob mentality. They’d all gathered because Marcel was going to confront Jane-Anne about practicing witchcraft beyond the bounds of the rules set forth and enforced by him. She denied it, but he’s aware of the witches’ every move — they can’t do anything without getting caught. He said he’d be merciful if she told him what magic was brewing. “Rot in hell, monster,” she said, a little stiffly. He claimed he was going to give her one more chance, but instead, he slit her throat in a way that I couldn’t describe. Marcel’s vampires cheered. So they are the bad guys.

Before she died, Jane-Anne had exchanged looks with Klaus, who seemed disturbed by Marcel’s display. Klaus is capable of this brutality, though he usually does it solo now, I thought. I couldn’t quite explain the sadness on his face, but then it made sense: He was just pissed that Marcel had killed her before he could find out what she’d wanted with him. Marcel said he never wastes an opportunity for a show of force — a lesson he’d learned from Klaus. He told Klaus he’d find out what Jane-Anne had wanted for him. Klaus asked if Jane-Anne had a sister…

He went to see Sophie, who was crying. She wouldn’t talk to Klaus because two of Marcel’s men had followed him. Klaus threatened to rip their spines out, then dropped a $100 bill so the blonde we’d later learn is bartending psychology student Cami could serve them. Sophie went outside to pray for her sister by a collection of candles, and Marcel’s men found her. One was about to bite her when he suddenly got picked up. The only thing that came down was his heart. The other guy was impaled. “I’m Elijah,” Elijah said, looking at his handiwork. Then, over his shoulder, he asked, “You’ve heard of me?” That’s the moment I felt okay, I want to see a weekly Originals series. We’d never have time for this on The Vampire Diaries. Elijah asked her what business her family had with Klaus.

Klaus had gone to a wild party filled with vampires feeding on humans and dancing badly. He spotted a guy with a day ring, which means he’s inner circle, and asked him where Marcel was. Klaus threatened him when he said he only answers to Marcel. Marcel broke it up and said nobody harms his guys. Klaus told him he doesn’t need chaperones, and Marcel asked Klaus to just let the witch hunt go. (Did Marcel guess the witches were reaching out to Klaus to overthrow him?) They went out on a balcony, and Marcel explained that more hotels meant more tourists, which meant more fresh blood. He’d taught humans to look away. Klaus wanted to know how Marcel knows when the witches are using magic. Marcel wasn’t telling. Marcel chose that moment to take vervain. He wants to limit the number of things he’s vulnerable to. He’s full of himself, which is why when they spotted clueless Cami walking alone at night below, Marcel played God: If she was brave, he’d let her live, and if she was dumb, she was dessert. When he startled her, she promptly told him she has a black belt in karate. She lived.

With Marcel preoccupied with the beautiful lady, Elijah suddenly appeared on the balcony and told Klaus he’d found out who was conspiring against him. He took him to Lafayette Cemetery No. 1, where Sophie was waiting. “He’s all yours. Proceed,” Elijah said. She told Klaus that Marcel was out of control and she’s going to stop him with his help. Hayley was brought out, and told Klaus he needed to listen to Sophie. Klaus laughed. How could they think this one night stand meant anything to him. That’s when Sophie said she has a special gift, which is telling when women are pregnant. Hayley is carrying Klaus’ child. WHAT? WHAT? WHAT?

NEXT: The story of Klaus’ sperm

Klaus said vampires can’t procreate, which is true. But Sophie said he was born a werewolf — magic made him a vampire. So he’s nature’s loophole. That’s some tricky reasoning, but I’m on board because it’s AWESOME. I know not everyone likes Hayley, myself included. But if she’s going to stick around, this makes her interesting. (And she only has to live nine months, right? Then she can have a dramatic death that will never compare to Darla staking herself on Angel to deliver Connor.) Klaus blew up at Hayley telling her to admit she’d been with someone else. I loved how Elijah instinctively took a step toward her. Such a gentleman. If there’s ever sexual tension between those two, it started there. But really, I think he was just being a good man/uncle. Hayley said she definitely would have confessed to sleeping around if she had, because it would have gotten her out of being captive in an alligator bayou. The baby is his. Sophie said Jane-Anne died performing the spell to confirm the pregnancy, and because of her sacrifice, the lives of Hayley and the baby are now controlled by them. If Klaus doesn’t help them take out Marcel, Hayley dies. Elijah offered to kill Marcel (how sweet), but Sophie said they have rules (and a timeline) that must be followed. Yes, Elijah, we’re trying to make a series here!

Before Klaus could leave, Elijah told him to listen. Klaus could hear the baby’s heartbeat — after we panned down Hayley’s breasts to her belly. Joseph Morgan was so good in that moment. I love to see him tear up. With a streak down his face, he finally said, “Kill her and the baby. What do I care?” Then, he stormed out. When Elijah caught up to him, Klaus insisted it was a trick. But Elijah saw it as a chance to take everything back. Here, now, is a chance for Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah to have what they always wanted — a family. “This is us. The Original family,” Elijah said. “And we remain together, always and forever.” Bringing it back to the Viking flashback. AHHHHHH. Elijah said he was asking Klaus to stay there. He’d help him, stand by his side. He’d be his brother and they’d build a home together. “Save this girl, save your child,” he said. We should have known it was too early in the episode for Klaus to give in. His response: “No.”

Elijah phoned Rebekah to tell her she was going to be an Aunt, and Rebekah said the baby was better without Klaus. She doesn’t know why Elijah still believes Klaus can find redemption. Katherine was there, and she said Klaus and her are the same — their actions are driven by the fact that they’re alone and hate it. She was confident Klaus would stay in New Orleans. She told Rebekah to have Elijah call her when he got home. She’d be waiting. Still don’t think you’re worthy of him, Katherine.

Klaus went back to see Marcel, again wanting to know how he controls the witches. They had a pissing match during which Marcel called New Orleans HIS TOWN. He’s the one who got rid of the wolves, silenced the witches, and made people look the other way. “I’m not the prince of the Quarter, friend… I’m the king!” he yelled. “Show me some respect.” To establish his dominance, Klaus bit one of the inner circle. He told Marcel he’d broken one of his rules and guess what, he cannot be killed because he’s truly immortal. Who has the power now? Klaus smiled and left. And yes, we’re all rooting for Klaus. He is the underdog now: He’s one badass hybrid, but Marcel has an entire community of vampires and, possibly, a magic contact that could help him immobilize Klaus (if not kill him).

Klaus walked to Jackson Square, where there was live music and painting. He spotted Cami, admiring the same artist. She doesn’t paint, but she interprets art: Every artist has a story, she said. This one was angry, dark, doesn’t feel safe, and doesn’t know what to do about it. He wished he could control his demons instead of them controlling him. He was lost and alone. DO YOU THINK KLAUS RELATED TO THAT? It was a little heavy-handed, but you know what, Klaus was emotionally fragile enough from a truly confusing evening that he nearly burst into tears. What an interesting choice from Morgan, to take it that far. Cami explained she’s an overzealous psych major, but before she could ask Klaus if he painted, he was gone. (Is she thinking vampires exist NOW?)

He’d gone to sit on a bench alone and think. So naturally, Elijah joined him. They talked about how they’d both hated leaving New Orleans — it was one of the few places they’d ever been happy. “What is on your mind, brother?” Elijah asked. The walls were coming down. It was a different kind of scene than we’ve ever seen between them. Klaus said for 1,000 years, he lived in fear of settling in a town and having their father chase him out, which made him feel powerless. This town was his home, and in his absence, Marcel has gotten everything Klaus wanted — power, loyalty, family. Klaus wants what he has. “I want to be king,” he said. And what about Hayley and the baby? “Every king needs an heir,” Klaus said. Then he smiled — still more wickedly than fatherly, but it’s a start. I teared up. That’s the moment we saw a new show born.

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The next day, Elijah and Sophie were in the cemetery discussing terms. Klaus, she said, should cement his place in Marcel’s inner circle. Then they’ll hit him where he hurts. If Marcel is smart, he would have seen that Klaus waltzing in to bow down and say Marcel had succeeded where the Original family had failed was a bit out of character. But Klaus gave his blood to cure the bitten vampire and said he’d like to stay in Marcel’s city for a while if he’s still welcome. He is. Especially if the show gets picked up (we’ll find out May 16).

Last we saw Klaus, he was on a street corner and left Caroline a message. He didn’t mention he was going to be a daddy. He just said he was standing in his favorite place and hoped one day she’d let him show it to her. That reassured fans that Klaus will not forget about Caroline even though Cami is a bit of a lookalike. Could it also mean Tyler is going to return to Mystic Falls?

Elijah went back to Mystic Falls and told Rebekah the family needs her now, but it’s her choice. She decided she owes Klaus nothing, so she’s going to stay in Mystic Falls. We still have until May 16, also the date of the season finale, for something to happen that will make her want to head to the Big Easy after all. Patience. Katherine appeared to try to convince Elijah that he, too, owes Klaus nothing. It’s their time to go on an adventure, she pleaded. Instead of kissing her lips, he kissed her forehead — never a good sign — and told her goodbye. I may have done a happy dance. Are we thinking Elijah and Sophie on the spinoff? Elijah and Hayley (so it’d be like a repeat of Katerina, in a way, with Elijah developing feelings for a woman Klaus merely wants to use)? Elijah and a vampire? Elijah and a human? (They can’t have Elijah and Klaus fighting over Cami — too similar.)

Back at Salvatore Mansion, Damon took a seriously thirsty Elena a blood bag. Only it was tainted with vervain. He’s trying to make her angry and scared so she’ll feel SOMETHING and turn on her humanity. She tried to leave, and Stefan was there. “You boys want to play games? Go ahead,” she said. “Let’s see who breaks first, me or you.” Stefan entered the cellar and closed the door. That’s dark. I like it.

What did you think of the episode? Are you hoping the spin-off goes to series? What did you think of the casting? We didn’t see enough of Cami, but I give Marcel and Sophie my stamp of approval. Marcel is the crucial role here. He has to be strong enough to face off against Klaus and Elijah, and Charles Michael Davis totally held his own. He had an energy that filled the screen. I want to see more of him. You know, hear his sob story so we’ll feel conflicted about Klaus screwing him over. (And what do the witches think will happen then? How will they keep Klaus in check? Won’t he eventually find out what Marcel has on them and try to use it, too? Will they always have magical control over Hayley and the baby’s lives?) Your turn. Go!

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