As Caroline helped Klaus recover, Elijah returned and got himself hurt

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This could be the moonshine cocktails I consumed at a party before watching this episode talking, but I was very sad to see the TV rating for this hour didn’t include an ‘S.’ I thought the shocking and horrifying thing that Daniel Gillies teased Elijah would do was get hot and heavy with Elena, who’d attempt to seduce him for the cure. But no. It was that he’s been hooking up with Katherine since she first heard about the cure and reached out to him to broker a deal with Klaus for her freedom. Couldn’t we have gotten a steamy flashback to their first time, Scandal-style? Perhaps someday…

As the episode began, Elena and Rebekah were having a tough time finding Katherine. Elena wanted to have a bite to eat before they drove to yet another town. She was about to feed on a woman when the would-be victim said, “Katherine, what are you doing?” Katherine had compelled the whole town to let her feed on them. Though most people prefer the neck, this woman preferred the wrist. (Me, too, I imagine, unless I was, like, in love with the vamp. I told you I’ve been drinking!) Rebekah tried asking about Katherine, but then the woman didn’t know her — Katherine had also compelled them to forget all about her unless they were talking to her. She is a clever one. Elena attempted to interrogate the woman about “her” whereabouts and friends, and the woman said they were told they could all be friends with her as long as they kept her secret. What secret?

An offscreen Sheriff Forbes proved efficient this episode: She tracked down Damon’s car after Katherine and Rebekah ran out of gas and abandoned it. She’d also tracked the car they’d stolen after it, so once Damon filled up the tank, he and Stefan were off to the cream corn capital of Pennsylvania, too. Damon was looking on the bright side of things: If Rebekah takes the cure, they can kill her. But then Elena is a vamp forever, Stefan reminded him. “Elena without humanity is a stone cold bitch, and I won’t trust her until we get the old Elena back,” Damon said. Finally, they’re on the same page.

Klaus, meanwhile, was shirtless (yay!) and in pain (boo!) because he thought a piece of the white oak stake was still inside his back in a spot he could not reach. I look forward to putting that on the list for our Top 10 reasons to get shirtless on The Vampire Diaries in 2013 video.

After he did some spitting (Joseph Morgan’s new signature move), Caroline arrived. She touched his face, and I thought she was going to give him a version of last week’s, “You look like you could use some comfort” line. Instead, she said, “As much as I’d love to watch you die, you still haven’t found me that cure.” It was Silas. He can take the shape of whomever he wants you to see. (Shout-out to The First on Buffy?)

Outside the post office in the PA town, a man asked what Katherine had done with her hair — in the last two minutes. “She” had just been there. The real Katherine snuck up on Elena and threatened her, but Rebekah put Katherine on her ass.

Inside a diner, Katherine expected Elena to talk about avenging Jermey’s death, and when Elena said people die and you move on, Katherine knew she’d turned off her humanity switch. Katherine doesn’t want to force-feed the cure to Klaus, she just wants to make a trade with him: the cure for her life. Rebekah is Elena’s enforcer. She put a fork in Katherine’s hand to keep her at the table and grabbed her phone, on which Elena accessed Katherine’s calendar. You never think about vamps having day planners. Elena saw that she was meeting someone at 2 p.m. named “em.” Elijah Mikaelson, I thought! Hooray!

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Back at Klaus’, he was sweaty (and still shirtless) and cowering on the floor when Caroline came in again. He started to think it was the real her when she quipped about how she should be running three prom committees at that moment. (That episode airs April 18.) He told her about the white oak stake, and since he was hurt, she was the person to call. She found that hard to follow: He ran Tyler out-of-town and killed his mother. But, Klaus reminded her/us, if he dies, Caroline and everyone she knows dies. She had to help. He told her she’d need to cut the stake out of him.

The boys showed up in the PA town, and Damon again insisted that he’s over vampire Elena and wants to do whatever it takes to get her home and to take the cure.

Back at the diner, Elena prepared to impersonate Katherine. She needed her jewelry, her jacket and (gasp!) her shoes. While Elena waited impatiently (Katherine would’ve been fashionably late, right?), Rebekah and Katherine taunted each other some more as Rebekah revealed that Elena doesn’t want the cure but she does. The boys sat down, and after Damon gloated about Katherine’s predicament, Stefan asked where Elena was. The answer: Off getting kissed by Elijah, who believed she was Katerina. And that’s why Rebekah was reminding us how Katerina had come between Elijah and Klaus.

I’d like to think the kiss lasted the full length of the commercial break. I wanted it to be hotter, but 1.) Elena’s emotions are turned off and 2.) she’s not sure how Katherine would play it. “I missed you,” she said. “And I missed you,” he answered. He was there to get the cure from her. She told him it was in a safe place, and when she tried to say she’d go get it and bring it back, he grabbed her — he knew it was Elena, apparently by the gentle way she’d touched his chest.

At the diner, Katherine came clean about her being “friends” with Elijah. Ewwwww! That hurts me a bit that Elijah would go there, but remember how lovely he and Katerina were in flashbacks. Rebekah told Stefan where Elena was meeting “em,” and Katherine agreed to take Rebekah and Damon to get the cure.

Caroline was having a difficult time getting the stake out of Klaus. Whoever did the sound for that scene had a good ol’ time making the noises for her digging around in Klaus’ back. Caroline finally smartened up: If Klaus wants her help, he’s gonna have to let Tyler come back and promise not to kill him.

Stefan called Elijah on Katherine’s phone, and hearing how concerned Elijah was about Katherine — whom he was convinced Rebekah would kill the moment she ceased to be of use — almost made me okay with him hooking up with her. Elena said what we were all thinking: Why is he doing that? Elijah said he always had a connection with her, and she phoned him when she heard about the cure and he thought they could be of mutual use to one another. No Humanity Elena is annoying, but she does speak the truth, which is that Elijah is just another man Katherine has fooled. Elijah could tell Elena wasn’t herself, and it wasn’t just her being a vamp now. He asked her why she’d turned off her emotions, and she told him it was because his girlfriend had killed her brother. Elijah hadn’t know that. Katherine hadn’t told him.

Katherine took Rebekah and Damon to a home that I also refused to believe was Katherine’s. She tried to pretend the cure was stolen from her safe, but they weren’t buying it. Rebekah took upstairs and Damon looked downstairs. I really expected Damon to make a soap dish joke when he was expounding on hiding techniques, but he didn’t. He noticed the fish tank had no fish in it but a large treasure chest. When the water had vervain in it, he knew he’d hit the jackpot. Katherine dunked his head in the tank as he went to fish out the cure, and she almost got out the door before Rebekah stopped her. To save her life, Katherine gave Rebekah the cure and bolted.

Rebekah took the cure right as Stefan showed up, and really, if that was it, it would’ve been a major letdown. She collapsed on the couch like sleeping beauty.

Klaus could feel the splinters moving toward his heart and begged Caroline to help him, but she wouldn’t until he promised not to hurt Tyler. He wouldn’t do that because Tyler tried to kill him, but yeah, Caroline’s right, Klaus has tried to kill most of them. This turned into a conversation about trust being the foundation of friendship, and Caroline angrily yelling that she should’ve turned her back on Klaus ages ago. That was a punch to the gut, but silver lining, Klaus’ pain was gone. Silas had gotten into his head and made him think he was dying. Caroline had taken Klaus’ mind off of it enough to break the spell, apparently. Seriously, if Silas can make Klaus think he’s croaking, then what can he do to the rest of them?

Stefan went at Damon, assuming he didn’t really want to stop Rebekah from taking the cure, but Rebekah gasping for air interrupted that. Also cut short: Elijah and Elena’s conversation about whether men are fools to think the nice, innocent girls they fell in love with are still inside Katerina (for Elijah) and her (for the Salvatore Brothers). Katherine appeared and snapped Elena’s neck. I’m okay with that as punishment for Elena burning Elijah’s letter along with her house and Jeremy’s body. Elijah had looked so cute when he smiled about Elena quoting his letter, which said her compassion was a gift that she should carry with her always and forever. (Always and forever, swoon.)

Rebekah came to and felt alive. Damon’s consolation prize was that now he could kill her. He threw a letter opener at her head, and she caught it. Her hand was cut, but it healed. She was still a vampire. Stefan was relieved, and part of me wanted to believe it was because Rebekah hadn’t just been killed, but I think it was all because that meant the cure was still out there. Katherine had just given them a decoy with a vervain shot. Well done!

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Elijah knelt by Elena’s lifeless body and confronted Katherine about her killing Jeremy and feeling nothing for Elena although their fates were similar. Katherine said she hadn’t enjoyed killing Jeremy, but she was doing what she needed to do to survive. Elijah wondered if that’s what he is to her — a means to survive. She did her best to tell him no, he’s given her a second chance (again) and she loves him. He didn’t buy it. Her telling him that she can’t broker a deal with Klaus without him didn’t help her cause. Katherine went by the home of the woman Elena and Rebekah had first talked to when they got to town and retrieved her “package.” It was the real cure, her freedom.

Katherine happened to run into Elijah on the street and told him that he was right: She’s told so many lies to survive for so long, she’s beginning to believe her own lies. She doesn’t rememer who she was when they met, but she’d like to. She said she could try to shove the cure down Klaus’ throat and kill him, but even if she’d manage to do it, she’d lose him. Elijah’s reaction was beautiful: Even a 1,000-year-old vampire can be surprised when someone says something oddly romantic (like, if I kill your brother I’d lose you). I like that Daniel Gillies took it to that place, where Elijah was almost crying when he asked Katherine how he could be sure she wasn’t just fooling another man and Katherine took his hand and placed the cure in it. She held his hand and told him she wanted him to trust her like she trusts him. She said he could choose to do with the cure what he will and where they go from there.

The love theme was playing, so maybe Katherine was telling the truth? Regardless, Rebekah was at the car, waiting for Elijah, and told him she thought he was the smart brother. He said she doesn’t have one of those, he’s just as stupid as the rest of them. She asked for the cure and told him she wants to be human again. He couldn’t understand why she always thinks of the family as a burden. “Always and forever” is still important to him.

Rebekah explained that she wants to live and die the way she chooses, not the way Elijah and Klaus want her to. The love theme was playing for them now, too, because the love between siblings, particularly ones who have lived 20 lifetimes together, is deep. Rebekah’s phone rang, and it was Klaus. Maybe don’t answer it, Rebekah??? He wanted an update on the cure hunt, and she told him to speak to one of the complications. “Complication speaking,” Elijah said. I’m confused: Was Elijah just putting on a brave face when he said someone had to take charge of getting the cure, or had he been playing Katherine all along to some degree? He’s bringing the cure to Mystic Falls with just a few demands.

Caroline was ready to call it a night after using all of Klaus’ bleach to clean up. He thanked her for her help. She poked his Henley when she told him if he needs anything else not to call her because she has a prom to plan. “Friends?” he asked, all smiley and adorable. She asked if he was letting Tyler come back to town. He didn’t answer, at first. But he did then say she might have noticed that he’s not exactly scouring the earth for Tyler. She smiled a bit. So did he. So sweet.

Damon admitted to Stefan that he had a moment of weakness and let Rebekah take the cure. But afterward, he realized what a mistake he’d made. He apologized! Big of him. Stefan said they can’t judge Katherine for repeating her past when they do it, too. Them falling for the same girl has to stop: Once they give Elena the cure, Stefan said, he wants to get her out of his life and get a new one of his own. Ding, ding, ding! Is that the next incarnation of the triangle: Elena trying to win him back when she’s herself again?

Elena had called a meeting in the diner with Damon and Stefan to ask them whether they were going to respect her decision not to take the cure and accept who she is now. If not, there would be consequences, she said. The boys didn’t seem to hear that part. Stefan reminded her how she never gave up on him, so he’s doing the same. She asked for another refill and snapped the waitress’ neck. If they don’t let her be, they’ll have more bodies on their hands. Elena becomes a serial killer? That would be a twist!

Your turn. What did you think of the episode?

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