The first step of Tyler's transformation is just one component of a packed hour featuring deaths, a kidnapping, and a hot new witch

By Mandi Bierly
Updated October 29, 2010 at 06:05 AM EDT
Vampire Diaries
Credit: Quantrell D. Colbert/The CW

Here’s what I love about The Vampire Diaries: At the moment Tyler FINALLY became a werewolf, I literally shouted “It’s hap-pen-ing!” in an Oprah Winfrey voice (and I’ve never impersonated that woman before). And yet, that wasn’t the biggest moment of the episode. How good is this show?!

The truth is, we’ve known since, well, before the season even began that Tyler (Michael Trevino) was going to become a werewolf. Was it as exciting as it could’ve been? No. I would’ve liked to have seen him take out a main character to activate the curse, not random Underage Drunk Girl No. 2. (The character did have a name, but I didn’t bother to learn it, even if the actress had nice eyes.) But there were some nice twists. Matt got Tyler drunk and provoked a fight by pouring a drink for the framed picture of Tyler’s later father, then insulting the guy — only Tyler is allowed to that! Tyler wasn’t going to fight Matt until Matt pounced at him. Caroline heard the scuffle with her supervamp hearing and broke them up. Candice Accola looked fantastic standing between them, rocking a short red dress that made her body look strong and powerful, especially when she knocked out Matt.

As Tyler wondered how Caroline did that, we got surprise #1) Underage Drunk Girl No. 2 grabbed a letter opener and said, “Matt failed. If Matt fails, I can’t.” Katherine always has Plan B (C, D, you know how the alphabet goes). She’d compelled that girl to stab Tyler. Caroline tried to warn him, but she was too late. Wounded, he shoved the girl away from him — and she hit her head on the desk and died. Tyler knew immediately that this meant the Lockwood family werewolf curse was activated and Trevino played it with the proper amount of shock, anger, and pain. He fell to his knees and when he looked up, his eyes flashed werewolf amber. (That should be a Crayola color.) Surprise #2: Caroline covered for Tyler. She told his mother she and Matt had been fighting. Drunk Girl No. 2 was nearby, tripped and fell (with enough force to snap her neck?). Mrs. Lockwood bought it. Tyler was prepared to take responsibility for his actions, and couldn’t understand why Caroline wanted to help him. He said she couldn’t understand what this meant. She said she did, and asked him if his wound had healed. He looked (without having to remove his shirt, boo), and it had. I was psyched about the Tyler/Jeremy friendship and their matching upperbody measurements, but I love the potential for an unexpected bond between werewolf Tyler and vampire Caroline, two overpowering personalities that have actually been made vulnerable by becoming supernatural. (We chatted with Trevino after the episode aired. Read that conversation here for what’s in store for Tyler. Episode 210: His first badass leather jacket.)

Let’s back up: We knew from the promo for this episode that Damon, Stefan, Jeremy, Bonnie, and Caroline were going to go all Scooby Gang and try to kill Katherine at the Lockwoods’ masquerade to benefit the homeless. The episode started with Caroline delivering a message to the Salvatore Brothers that she received when Katherine posed as Elena and ambushed her in the bathroom at the Grill, where Caroline was to gawk and quasi-stalk Matt. (To quote Damon: Skip the teen drama and get to it. If Katherine is so smart, why wasn’t she wearing a necklace since Elena always does?) Katherine wanted the boys to bring the moonstone to her at the masquerade or she was going to rip the town apart until it rained blood. Caroline suggested they give her the damn stone, but Damon said no. Actually, he said, “No, Katherine’s not getting dick.” Stefan got to play the smart Salvatore tonight: He new Katherine suggested a public place because she’d think Stefan was too good a guy to endanger innocent people. She was wrong. That gave them an edge.

NEXT: Posses get formed, and somebody’s helping…Katherine?

Alaric brought over his weapons stash and they devised a plan. They needed Bonnie’s help, and she agreed to do a spell to isolate Katherine at the party — similar to the one that had put the vamps in the tomb. With that, everyone was good to go (Caroline: “She killed me. Fair is fair”). Alaric, however, was on Elena-sitting duty since he could pretend he was at the Gilbert home to watch over Aunt Jenna, who got out of the hospital pretty quickly for a stabbing victim who thought she walked into a knife. (We’ll give them a pass on that. But you know I feel it’s time Aunt Jenna get clued in to what’s going down in her town. And have a sex scene with Alaric.) Elena got suspicious when Jenna said Jeremy went to the Lockwoods, and Alaric told Elena she had to let this one go. He is the world’s worst babysitter. Elena told him she was going to bed and he believed her. Instead, she walked right out the door.

The Scooby Gang wasn’t the only posse formed. Katherine called in a favor from a hot witch named Lucy (She Spies‘ Natashia Williams), who arrived as Katherine was straightening her hair and criticizing Elena’s fashion sense. (Hey, you try working your wardrobe around that necklace.) We know witches and vamps don’t get along — and neither do witches and bitches — so we assumed Katherine had something on Lucy. Katherine confirmed that when Lucy got pissy with her after Bonnie was drawn to her. Bonnie didn’t know why, but Lucy did. Lucy told Katherine she should have told her there was another witch involved, especially a Bennett witch. Lucy owed Katherine, and if she didn’t help, Katherine would no longer be friendly.

So, step one of the Scrappy Gang’s plan (see, what I did there?), was for Jeremy and Bonnie to secure a location to trap Katherine. Also, to make me, in one episode, forget about my dream of Damon and Bonnie doing it, and throwing my support behind Jeremy and Bonnie coupling. I’m guessing someone, somewhere, has already started calling then Jonnie, so that’s reason enough to stick with it. Jonnie found a room upstairs, Bonnie did her magic off-camera (always a good idea, frankly), Jeremy started flirting, and I began thinking how good Steven R. McQueen looked in that suit. Jeremy told Bonnie he thinks it’s cool that she’s 100 percent witch. She told him, hey look at the number of witches that have been killed on this show, it doesn’t end well for my people. She wishes she could stay out of this mess, but she doesn’t know how to — especially when she doesn’t want anyone to get hurt.

Katherine, meanwhile, sexily ate strawberries and found Stefan. She asked him to dance and he said, “No.” (Did he not like the cover of “Head Over Heels” that was playing? It was better than the cover of “Heaven” that was on The Good Wife this week.) Katherine played it beautifully. “Fine,” she said. “Then tell me who I should kill. Him?… She looks delicious.” Stefan changed his mind and he started trying to lure Katherine upstairs. He said he’d give her the moonstone, but only if she came with him. She wasn’t going anywhere. Drunk Girl No. 1 had horrible timing and interrupted them at that point to ask if they’d seen Matt. Drunk Girl No. 1 complimented “Elena” on her dress and “Elena” complimented her on her necklace. Katherine said the necklace was twisted and stepped behind her to fix it. I would put what happened next right up there with Damon snapping Vicki’s neck. Katherine punched the girl’s lower back. “Paralyzed from the waist down,” she said. She hit her again. “… And dead.” The girl collapsed into Stefan’s arms as Katherine told him to bring her the moonstone and walked away. THAT. WAS. AWESOME. If Katherine is supposed to be an evil bitch, people do occasionally have to die around her.

NEXT: Two stab wounds for the price of one!

Stefan thought about aborting the plan, but Damon convinced him to keep going. It’s a good thing, too, because otherwise, Jeremy wouldn’t have gotten the text, “Now,” that spared him the awkward moment of Bonnie turning down his invitation to dance while they waited. He told Katherine that Stefan and Damon wanted her to meet them someplace, and would give her the stone. Katherine thought it was a trap and cornered Caroline as she got her cue to make a bathroom run. (If I lived in Mystic Falls, I would never go to the bathroom.) Katherine pressured Caroline into telling her that Stefan and Damon were planning to kill her. Katherine wanted to know where the moonstone was, and Caroline said upstairs with Bonnie. Upstairs they went. Brilliant! Katherine walked right into the room, and Caroline got to gloat about fooling her. To paraphrase: Suck it!

This is where things really got interesting: While Stefan distracted Katherine with his small weaponry (which she naturally had to comment on), Damon pulled out a big stake-shooting bazooka behind her and fired. He missed her heart, thank god. Elena, who by this point had cornered Jeremy and Bonnie, doubled over and started bleeding in the same place Katherine was hit. I think I speak for all of us, when I say, “WHAT?” Katherine, ever the planner, had had Lucy work some magic to link Katherine and Elena. Whatever they did to Katherine (including another stab wound in her arm), Elena felt. I guess Jeremy couldn’t just text Damon (Damon was sort of busy, seeing as how Katherine seemed willing to kill both of them now), so he ran up and got to them just as they were about to deliver a fatal blow to Katherine.

I’m enjoying Jeremy so much more this season than last year. How sweet was he when he tried to give Elena his ring? But she wouldn’t take it. Bonnie figured out that it must’ve been a witch she met earlier in the evening and went to find her. Katherine cut her own hand and threatened to do worse to herself to hurt Elena unless the Salvatores handed over the moonstone. Katherine (or as Damon likes to refer to her, “evil slut vampire who only loved herself”) did feel a bit desperate trying to get Stefan angry by suggesting Damon kiss her so Elena would feel it. As Matt provoked Tyler downstairs, Stefan prodded Katherine for information. She gave George Lockwood the moonstone when she bargained her way out of the tomb. She just didn’t expect anyone to find out that she wasn’t in it. “Have I mentioned how inconvenient your obsession with me has been?” Katherine said to Damon. “You and me both, honey,” he answered. (That’s a cliché line that Ian Somerhalder delivered so well it was still funny.)

Stefan wanted to know why she wanted the moonstone back. What was she doing with it in the first place? Maybe it wasn’t hers to begin with. Who is she running from? Did you notice that anytime Katherine was asked a question she didn’t want to answer, she came on to Stefan to distract him. At one point, she mouthed “I love you,” at another, she told him he looked dashing in his suit (the same thing she said to Matt, proving she’s just feeding Stefan a line). The best: she mentioned that in 1987, she saw him dancing (!) with his best friend Lexi (RIP) in the front row of a Bon Jovi concert in Chicago. Stefan likes Bon Jovi? I have never felt closer to him than I did at that moment. (Note: A commenter has mentioned that we already knew this from the Lexi episode that aired a year ago. That was before I saw my first Bon Jovi concert and cared this deeply. Apologies.)

NEXT: A possible love connection for Damon emerges.

So as the boys waited for the arrival of the moonstone — I guess they’d texted Bonnie and told her to bring it on up? — Bonnie found Lucy, who explained that Katherine (now know as “the bitch”) saved her life and she had to pay up. Lucy sensed that Bonnie had the moonstone, and when she grabbed her arms, the lights flickered and Lucy told Bonnie to trust that feeling she was getting — Bonnie could trust Lucy. After Damon poured himself and Katherine a drink, then threatened to stake Katherine as soon as the spell was broken (which Katherine found hot), Lucy arrived at the room, moonstone in hand. She told Katherine once she handed her the moonstone, they were done. Katherine took the moonstone and… she started making noises as though she were choking. Was it odd, considering vampires don’t breathe? Yes. But how else do you show that a vampire is suffering?

Lucy reiterated to Katherine that she should’ve told her there was another witch involved, a Bennett witch. She told the Salvatores she’d put a spell on the stone and taken the ones off of the room and Elena, who was recovering with Bonnie. Lucy apologized for her involvement with Katherine, turned, and walked away. Totally badass. My new dream: Damon gets busy with Lucy. We know he’s bedded at least one witch (RIP, Bree). Lucy feels like a fair match for him, and from the way she cracked to Katherine that Elena had bad taste in everything but men, I think she might consider someone a Sexy Beast.

I’d written “COME BACK!!!” in my notes, so I was happy to hear Lucy tell Bonnie, her cousin of some sort, that she’ll see her again. Bonnie wanted Lucy to stay, too. She wanted to know how she can stay out of the middle of all this. Lucy, who said she had to stop letting vampires run her life (okay, point against Damon), told Bonnie she’s one of the good witches — unlike her — so she should be in the middle of all this. How bad is Lucy? I haven’t been this curious about a new character in a while. Like, I’m more interested in her than I was in Mason even after we caught that glimpse of a back tattoo.

The battle seemingly won, Jeremy offered Bonnie a ride home. She wanted to know when he got his driver’s license, and he told her he wasn’t a little kid anymore. She told him she’d love a ride home, and I may have cheered a little. For a second, I thought they might hold hands, but I’m glad they didn’t. Let’s take this slow. They could give us the kind of butterflies we got when Matt and Caroline first got together. Stefan went to deliver the news about Katherine to Elena and expected things to go back to the way they were. She stopped him when he tried to kiss her. She said she needed to wake up and know the people she loves are safe, know that she’s safe. Then it would sink in that Katherine was out of the picture, and she could think about being with him again.

Cut to Katherine waking up in the tomb with the moonstone. Damon was there to seal her in. In case you, like me, were wondering why they didn’t kill Katherine when she was incapacitated, Damon told her death would have been too kind. Yeah, I don’t buy that. But I forgive the writers because I never saw what happened next coming: Katherine told Damon they needed her — because Elena’s in danger. Damon told her he thought she was lying, as usual. “Why do you think I haven’t killed her?” Elena asked.

NEXT: A theory about Katherine’s Plan G.

Good question. It’s because Elena’s her doppelgänger and she needs protection. “Then I’ll protect her while you rot in hell,” Damon said, and shut the tomb. “Damon, you need me!” Katherine called out, then collapsed on the ground, defeated. Damon hesitated — this was the woman he searched for consistently for 145 years — but kept walking. We cut to Elena, on the phone with Jeremy telling him she had her car at the Lockwoods, so he should just take Bonnie home and not worry about her. (Yeah, I mean the girl hadn’t had a traumatic night or anything.) Elena sensed someone was approaching her, and it was a man wearing a full mask from the masquerade. He grabbed Elena. Because it’s actually occurred to me that it could be Katherine’s Plan G, I’m assuming it’s not someone working for her. So now the question is: Is it possible Katherine isn’t pure evil? Could she have been being so brutal because it was the quickest way to get the moonstone and leave town, which would lead whoever was tailing Katherine away from Elena?

Your turn. Who do you think took Elena? (Here’s the promo for the next episode. Damon says the kidnapper is over 500 years old. The Salvatores will team up to fight him. I do love it when they present a united front. And hey, road trip!) Are you happy that Tyler is finally a werewolf, but secretly sad that neither Matt nor Mrs. Lockwood bit it. (I thought perhaps Matt telling Elena that he’ll always be there for her or Mrs. Lockwood telling Tyler she could fall over after he complimented her might have been a clue.) How do you feel about Jonnie? Are you intrigued by Lucy (and/or hoping she hooks up with Damon)? Sound off below!

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