In 'Plan B,' one character kicks the bucket, one gently nudges it, and Damon makes a strategic error in the war against Katherine

By Mandi Bierly
October 22, 2010 at 01:24 PM EDT
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You know you’re invested in a show when it feels like a character lives just to spite you. If you happened to read my “Who should die next?” post, you know that I’ve been hoping Aunt Jenna would be the one to bite it. I consider actress Sara Canning talented and her hair lovely, it’s not that. It’s just that the character is, in my opinion, the weakest on the show by virtue of her having no clue that there are vampires, werewolves, and witches living in her town. (Also by her not having had an actual sex scene with Alaric yet even though the producers have assured us that she is, in fact, “getting some”).

When Jenna stabbed herself with what I assume wasn’t the exact same large knife that Katherine physically, as opposed to verbally, forced into Uncle John’s gut, I thought there’s no way she’d survive. They wouldn’t have both John and Jenna live when Katherine’s supposed to be such an evil bitch. But, of course, that’s exactly why she “got lucky.” (Insert expletive.) Taking Jenna away from Elena and Jeremy after they lost their parents would be cruel (even if it meant that John would return to be their guardian, which could be far more interesting). I do get that. So, even though we know the hospital isn’t the safest place to be in Mystic Falls, I suspect Jenna will stick around. I just hope that having a knife in her stomach isn’t something that the Salvatore Brothers compel her to believe she did by accident. Did she trip and fall on the knife? Really? At this point, it’s safer for Jenna if she knows the truth. That’s the only way she can protect herself. It’s time.

Okay, let’s back up. We have a hot Lockwood to mourn. Mason didn’t exactly go out with a bang, but he was close! He started the episode in bed with Katherine. Nina Dobrev is officially the luckiest lady on TV at the moment. She got to roll around with Mason as Katherine, and with Stefan as Elena. Somehow as we cut back-and-forth between their morning makeout sessions, I had the time to note both that frisky Mason was willing to go out of frame to pleasure Katherine (that’s almost a nice way of saying it, right?) and that Elena’s purple-on-white flowered sheets could either be a subtle nod to Bella Swan’s purple flowered comforter or a pure coincidence. (What? I’ve just always liked Bella’s comforter.)

Sadly, Elena did not take Stefan up on his “Love it, let’s go” offer when she said she had to get in the shower so she could go help decorate for the Lockwood charity masquerade. Spoiler: Sweetly naughty Stefan is so much hotter than crying-in-front-of-the-fireplace Stefan. That morning montage showed the differences between the relationships: Mason wouldn’t tell Katherine where he was hiding the moon stone because he didn’t trust her (smart boy), but believed her when she said she loved him (stupid boy). He let her feed on his neck, which could have been sexy but the show still hasn’t gone there. Elena, meanwhile, meant it when she said she loved Stefan and let him drink from her finger in their ongoing effort to increase his strength. I wish Stefan would have been playful enough to give her a faux-sexy look as he sucked on her finger, but the guy needs to concentrate.

NEXT: What exactly is the appropriate relationship between legal guardian and sexually active teen couple?

After Stefan and Elena left for the Lockwoods, Jeremy arrived at the Salvatore home to see Damon, who was experimenting with a non-black wardrobe choice — a gray henley. I’ve got be honest here, it took some getting used to, but I do love a man in a henley (looking at you, Phil Dunphy). Damon reluctantly let Jeremy in because Jeremy told him he knew where the moon stone was — Tyler had it. Alaric came over, and you had to love how Damon excitedly shouted “Rick!” when he entered and Alaric ignored it. (Damon was drinking bourbon, and, like me, he must be an “I love you, why don’t we hang out more?” drunk.)

Once we established again that Elena had no idea that Jeremy was getting himself involved in this mess, Alaric revealed what he’d found in Isobel’s research that was sent to him by hot-but-not-seen Vanessa: The moon stone supposedly sealed the Aztec werewolf curse, and as we’ve learned, what seals a curse is often used to break it.

At the Lockwoods, Elena and Stefan were holding to the “no talking, touching, or lingering stares” rules of faux-fighting, but were busted by Jenna, who told Stefan it didn’t sound like they were taking “a pause” when she overheard them that morning. I should have known we weren’t just hearing that so we could question if Jenna does any kind of parenting whatsoever. (I know she was a party girl, but it’s still a bit weird, right, for a guardian to know that a sexually active teen couple is spending the night together in the same bed? When I was in high school, there was a group of four of us — two guys and two girls — who used to have sleepovers, but it was always in the family room on couches or in sleeping bags on the floor, and I do believe the parents had a talk when one of the guys started dating the other girl. All was deemed innocent enough, and it was. Especially for me. The other boy was gay. If you’re a parent of a teen today, what’s your rule about sleepovers?)

Elena, meanwhile, took Bonnie for a walk and filled her in on her fake fight with Stefan and the way Caroline got stuck between her and Katherine. After Stefan surprised Mason by being alive (or still undead, if you’re a stickler), Mason bumped into Bonnie and she got a vision of him kissing what she assumed was Elena. Stefan began to piece it together — Katherine was with Mason.

Stefan found that easier to accept that Damon. “Werewolf thing aside, the guy’s a surfer,” he cracked. “She’s got to be using him.” Well, duh! Damon knew that if Mason was looking for the moon stone, so was Katherine. But why? Jeremy tried to talk Tyler into giving him another look at the moon stone so they could steal it from him, but he’d already given it to Mason because he wanted nothing more to do with curses and legends. (Don’t you love it when those two have scenes opposite one another? Their upper bodies complement each other so nicely.) The Salvatore Brothers overheard that conversation with their superhearing and knew immediately what they had to do: Ask Bonnie for help in determining if Mason had already given Katherine the stone.

Stefan got a call from Elena because she couldn’t bear not knowing what was happening, so it was Damon who Bonnie explained her powers to: No, she can’t choose what she sees when she touches someone and gets a vision. She gives fast-healing vampires an aneurysm over and over again to incapacitate them, and it’s a mechanism that will work on anyone with supernatural healing powers (except for Katherine?). Bonnie didn’t want to help them hurt Mason to get to Katherine, but she relented after this exchange:

NEXT: Poor guy really got his heart ripped out. (Badum-bum!)

Damon: They’re a threat to Elena. You witch [read: bitch], are gonna get over yourself and help us.

Stefan: Yeah, he meant that as a question … with a “please” on the end.

Damon: Absolutely.

Mason’s chivalry was his downfall. As he tried to help Bonnie move something, she brought him to his knees, and Damon stepped in to knee him in the head to knock him out. They drove him to the Salvatore mansion and Damon chained him to a chair with Mason’s own constraints after Bonnie helped him put down some kind of sheet so he wouldn’t get blood on the carpet. See, I should have known Mason wouldn’t have made it out alive, but it seemed so obvious, I expected him to live. Damon asked Bonnie to find out where the stone was, where Katherine was, and what she was going to do with the stone, but all Bonnie gleaned from Mason’s mind before he awoke was the image of a well at the edge of the Lockwood property. Taking to heart Elena’s earlier words about Caroline needing Bonnie, Bonnie agreed to let Caroline accompany her to the well.

Damon stayed behind to repeatedly stab Mason with a hot poker and ruin a perfectly good button down shirt. Eventually Jeremy interrupted the interrogation because he’d found wolfsbane — think vervain for werewolves — among Isobel’s research, and Damon used it to torture Mason further. After Mason asked Damon if he wanted to know Katherine’s reason for being back in Mystic Falls because he was jealous that she was there for Mason, Damon excused himself for not having been a good host. “How rude of me. I just realized I didn’t offer you anything to eat,” he said, shoving the wolfsbane into Mason’s mouth. “Yummy,” Damon added in a voice that was a bit Eric on True Blood. Cue Mason spitting up blood.

When Damon threatened to put wolfsbane in Mason’s eyes, he finally talked. He admitted he was getting the stone for Katherine, who was going to lift the werewolf moon curse so he would no longer change because she loved him. Damon naturally laughed in his face and told him Katherine was using him.

Jeremy didn’t want Damon to kill Mason, but Damon took Jeremy by the throat and explained the situation between himself and Mason was kill or be killed, that Mason wanted to die, and that Jeremy could suck it up or leave. He left, and Damon told Mason he saw himself in him, “a less dashing, less intelligent version.” He knows Mason loves Katherine, and he knows that Katherine will only rip Mason’s heart out. “Let me do it for her,” Damon said. AND THEN HE DID IT. Just like that, Mason was gone. Presumably, we’ll never see those eyes nor those sleeveless running shirts again. I’m sorry to see him go, but his death had to set things in motion for next week’s Operation Kill Kat. More on that in a bit. Now, let’s catch up with Stefan.

NEXT: Katherine threateningly recites…the alphabet?

Stefan had gotten word about the stone being in the well and headed off to find it. Elena followed him even though she knew she shouldn’t. At first, I didn’t understand why she was there: She didn’t seem properly aroused at the sight of him ripping off the lock on the well and throwing the top of it aside. “Hey, be careful,” she said, and he assured her he’d be right back. He jumped down and landed in water that was filled with vervain. Apparently, I wasn’t expecting that either, because I wrote “WHOA” in my notes.

Now we know Elena’s purpose for following him. She had to be there to scream so that Caroline, who was already in the woods with Bonnie, could hear her and come running. Caroline created a makeshift pulley system and lowered Elena down to fish Stefan out of the water. Elena sent Stefan up first and looked for the stone. Now, here’s what I don’t get: Caroline can hear Elena’s scream from however far away, but she couldn’t hear the hissing snake in the well that we all heard? Fortunately for Elena, those snakes had the same poor aim as every bad guy on procedurals (where the main characters never get shot). Elena found the stone, got pulled up, and cut her hand to feed Stefan her blood so his battered face would once again look pretty.

Stefan arrived home to find Damon rolling Mason’s body up in the sheet and patting it. “I see you exercised your usual restraint,” Stefan said. Stefan wanted to get rid of the body, but Damon had other priorities. The first one was a good call: He used Mason’s phone to text Tyler’s mother and tell her that he was returning to Florida for a big opportunity and would be gone for a long time. He’d send for his things once he was settled. (Mrs. Lockwood later told Tyler that his uncle had left town, and Tyler assumed it was because he’d gotten what he came for, the moon stone.) The second one was, quite literally, a bad call: He phoned the last number Mason had dialed — Katherine. Stefan tried to stop him, but you know how Damon is. He didn’t listen when Stefan told him not to provoke Katherine.

She answered the phone thinking it was Mason, and Damon said, “Wrong boy toy.” Katherine assumed Mason was with Damon, and Damon said, “He’s right beside me, although his heart’s across the room.” Funny, but very, very dumb. Damon proceeded to recount his busy day killing Mason and recovering the moon stone, revealing way too much and losing whatever advantage they’d momentarily had. Katherine told Damon he had no idea what he’d just done. Did he honestly think she wouldn’t have had a Plan B, C, D, and “You know how the alphabet works, don’t you?” Suddenly, Damon wasn’t smiling. Katherine told Damon to send her love to Stefan and hung up… so she could call Elena.

NEXT: Hey, that’s not the proper technique for holding a knife while cooking dinner in the kitchen!

Elena had gone home to her house to find Alaric and Jenna cooking dinner (and kissing). Jenna answered the phone, and after a few seconds, handed it to Elena. Katherine asked Elena if she’d enjoyed her morning rendezvous with Stefan. Turns out, she’d posed as Elena and paid Jenna a visit in her home days earlier. She’d replaced Jenna’s vervain perfume and convinced her to stop drinking her special tea, then compelled her to become her spy. Jenna listens to her, unlike Elena, Katherine said, so when she tells her the world would be a much better place if she… Cue Elena turning to see Jenna holding the large knife up in the air. As Elena screamed to stop her, Jenna stabbed herself in the stomach and collapsed on the floor of the kitchen (which felt like it’s changed since John lay there bleeding, right?).

I gasped and cheered — it was so unexpected. (Though then I remembered that guy who walked into the path of a truck after receiving a call last season.) Elena and Alaric rushed to Jenna’s side. I truly expected Jenna to be dead because I wrote “AWESOME” in my notes. My disappointment at hearing she made it was summed up succinctly on the next line, “DAMN IT.”

The good news: The attempt on Jenna’s life reunited Elena and Jeremy, who hugged his sister and told her, “She’s gonna pay, Elena. I don’t know how, but she’s gonna pay.” The bad news: Elena could no longer ignore Katherine’s message that she could get to whomever she wanted, whenever she wanted. Elena went to see Stefan, and both of them knew what was coming, which is why their eyes were already wet. Elena said she’d been selfish because she knew how much they loved each other, but it’s over. Stefan battled the tears that wanted to stream down his face, while Elena held it together better as she left. Damon called out to her. He wanted to apologize for not thinking it through when he taunted Katherine, and he meant it. For once, she wasn’t angry at him. She knew Katherine would have done it eventually anyway because she’d found out Stefan and Elena were still together. “Katherine won,” Elena said. Actually, Elena, the game is just beginning.

We cut to Katherine, who was explaining to Matt that she needs a werewolf and she lost the one she had. What was he going to do to help her get another one? Go after Tyler and not stop until Tyler kills him, a compelled Matt answered. (I guess after Caroline broke up with Matt, Stefan never gave Matt vervain like he said he was going to, huh? With Katherine being able to impersonate Elena so easily, you think he would’ve followed through regardless.) It’s two birds with one stone — activating Tyler’s werewolf curse and hurting Elena some more — but NOOOOOOOOOOO. I love sweet, decent, jockish Matt (a unique combination on this show), even if he doesn’t have much of a role at all now that Caroline is a vampire and keeping her distance. It was a great cliffhanger, guaranteed to make you watch next week’s episode, the promo for which shows that the Salvatores and Co. plan on killing Katherine at the Lockwood charity masquerade, where she plans on having Tyler kill Matt. How do you think that will go down?

NEXT: One possible scenario for disaster involving Matt, Tyler, Caroline, and her mother…

I worry that Caroline’s decision to erase her mother Liz’s memory of her becoming a vampire will come back to haunt her. I could see a situation in which Caroline steps in to separate Matt and Tyler. Tyler, who we know thinks Caroline is an “insecure, neurotic bitchy little twit” (with heart), lashes out at her. Liz doesn’t know that Caroline is immortal, believes her daughter is in danger, and steps in herself. Then, an enraged Tyler accidentally kills Liz. Thoughts?

It would certainly make all the more poignant the breakthrough Caroline and Liz had in this episode. Caroline’s mother wasn’t ready to talk to her daughter until Caroline reminded her that she died, which was something she could possibly want to discuss with her mom. Liz asked how it was possible, and Caroline explained everything — how she steals blood bags from Damon to supplement the animal blood Stefan wants her to drink. She wants to kill people, but as long as she keeps herself fed, she can control the urge. It’s been my basic nature to like actress Marguerite MacIntyre since Kyle XY, so I was so happy that Liz came around and saw that her daughter was genuinely trying to make lemonade out of the lemons that life/Katherine had given her. When Caroline got back from rescuing Stefan, she giddily told her mother, still captive in the Salvatore cellar, all about it. Caroline thought Liz was going to say something negative when she told her she’s become “this person,” but instead, she used the adjectives “strong” and “confident.” Liz was proud of her. Liz told Caroline she didn’t need to compel her. She wanted to remember her daughter this way and vowed to keep the secret. She said she’d never do anything to hurt Caroline. I feel guilty for being skeptical, but Caroline believed her. Still, Caroline knew Liz would never trust Damon and Stefan. Tearfully, she told her mother what that day had meant to her, and then she told her that she was going to take her home and she’d remember that she had the flu. Caroline had made her soup that was too salty, they bickered, and Liz got better. “And then, your selfish little daughter, who loves you no matter what, went right back to ignoring you,” Caroline added. “And all is right in the world.” Well done, Candice Accola. If that scene got to me, I’m going to be on the theater floor in the fetal position when Hermione does what she does in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I. (I was purposely vague there.)

Do you agree that Caroline’s world is about to be very wrong? Who do you think will die next week? I sincerely doubt it will be Katherine. This show moves at lightning speed, but no way do they give up their Big Bad this early in the season/series? Can you imagine a scenario in which Tyler doesn’t become a werewolf? Would you feel cheated? How long do you think Elena and Stefan will stay broken up? (Maybe the longer we wait, the better the make-up sex will be?) And why do you think Katherine really wants that moon stone? Sound off in the comments! And for all my TV news and opinions, follow me on Twitter @EWMandiBierly.

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