Julia attempts to alter Barbie's allegiances while Eva learns she's pregnant with the future kinship leader.
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If you’re still rooting for Julia and Barbie’s romance, than, boy, is “Plan B” the episode of Under the Dome for you. And if not, well… it looks like Big Jim might actually still have a little heart left in him. So that has to count for something, right?

It was one step forward, one step backward for the resistance this week, as they regrouped following the destruction of Christine’s precious mines and amethysts.

They’ve gone into hiding at the town funeral home (which, if everyone who’s died since the show began actually came through there, would be a surprisingly popular place. But there’s apparently little need to honor the dead when townspeople are dropping like flies) while their previous hideout, the Aktaion house on Bird Island, is set aflame by Barbie and his merry band of redshirts.

Barbie soon has more on his mind than killing Julia, though‚ he’s an expecting father! Yes, his one night with Eva led to her pregnancy (maybe those cocoons were laced with fertility pills), and it’s no normal baby on the way. As Christine explains, the baby is the group’s new queen as her time in control winds down (You tell a baby before it’s born that it can be anything it wants when it grows up and suddenly it’s looking to become a queen. What a cocky alien baby.) Their baby will lead the way, and they won’t have to wait long to greet it into the world thanks to the apparently expedited pregnancy. They would presumably still have to wait for the child to mature, though, unless Christine expects the child to be born right into adulthood.

The only thing left for the soon-to-be father to do is to ensure his child and its mother are safe. That means one thing to the brainwashed Barbie—killing Julia. So he and Eva plot to trick Julia into meeting with Barbie under the guise that he still has feelings for her and has returned to normalcy. So he makes the call (while Eva oddly decides to kiss and fawn over him as if that wouldn’t be distracting), and Julia agrees to meet.

But Julia isn’t a total idiot (this week). She comes to the backroad-set meeting, gun drawn on Barbie, who makes a plea that he’s regained his sanity. She allows him to get close, and at first, it seems too close. The two hug and Barbie reaches for the gun tucked in her waist, but Julia came prepared, and drugs Barbie. He collapses, as big Jim stands behind him, watching with such pure sadistic glee in his eyes I was surprised he didn’t cackle and start firing his gun like Yosemite Sam.

Now, Jim’s not a big fan of the idea to free those stuck in the kinship. He sees them as lost causes, and he’d prefer to take the easy route—killing them—rather than go through the effort of saving them. But Julia says no to the god damn negativity, Jim, she doesn’t need it. She’s an idea woman, while Jim’s more of the shooty type, so they settle for a middle ground—torture.

NEXT: Can Julia really save Barbie, and does Big Jim actually care (about anyone)?

They bring Barbie to a secluded cabin, tie him up, and essentially try to violently force the real Barbie out of him. And despite their repeated electroshock therapy sessions, Barbie remains firmly under the power of Christine. No matter how much Julia appeals to his feelings, he shoves her away at every turn. But Barbie twists the knife deeper into Julia’s back, mocking her for ever falling in love with him, for believing the two of them had a future together, and for being so blind all along.

Adding injury to insult, Barbie breaks free of his roped handcuffs and starts to brawl with Julia. Thanks to a little help from Indy, she escapes, but Barbie chases her through the forest until they reach the dome’s end. Julia threatens to shoot Barbie yet again, but he calls her on his bluff, sticking his forehead right up against the barrel of the gun.

She falters, and Barbie snatches the gun away, turning the tides and threatening to kill her. But, as Interstellar taught us, love was the answer all along, and after Julia appeals to Barbie’s feelings for her in the heat of the moment, he seems to snap back to reality. He lowers the gun and pulls her in close for a kiss. Having to explain all of this to Eva is going to be one hell of an awkward conversation.

Speaking of Eva, she’s been whisked away to a secret location, protected by a group of women chosen at Christine’s behest. They all await for her in white gowns in a barn littered with candles—who thinks this is a good place for an unborn baby is anyone’s guess—and Christine locks herself, Eva, and the women in the barn.

The only person angered by this is Junior, who has viewed Christine as his lifelong mate since the brainwashing began, but she informs him he’ll have to find someone else to pair up with. He of course wants one of the women Christine has chosen to help (and possibly die for, it seems) Eva, which puts Junior, for once, at odds with his queen.

Could this be the start of some dissension in the kinship? Christine’s no. 1 pet may be turning away from her, though she does have Sam to pick up the slack. Yes, it seems Sam gave into the blood transfusion with Christine and has firmly given over to his alien overlords.

At first his allegiance remains unknown when he runs into Joe and Norrie at the school library. They left to go investigate what the soundwaves on Christine’s schematic might mean (though why they think they’ll learn anything about how aliens are going to take advantage of soundwaves is beyond me). Sam saves them as a few members of the kinship ambush the two of them, returning them to their hideout.

And things are amiss at home base, Hunter has been feeling down and even useless, though without him, they would never have broken into Christine’s oddly well-secured tape recorder, which reveals the secret of Eva’s queen baby to them. He also discovers the real head of Aktaion is a man named Hector Martin, though little else is known about him at the moment. Plus, Jim likes having him around to feed Indy, belying he may just have a heart for his ragtag group of resistance fighters.

Norrie is also in a troubled state, forced to grieve the loss of her mother in the funeral home keeping them safe. But Sam has slithered into their hiding spot, and just as Joe finally learns what soundwaves are (Did he never pay attention in science class?), Sam knocks him out, kidnaps him, and reveals his true allegiance. He returns Joe to town hall and reveals to the kinship where the others are.

So while Julia may end the episode in a loving embrace, her fellow fighters aren’t so lucky, as Jim, Norrie, and Hunter prepare to make what they assume is a last stand at the funeral home. But whether the caskets surrounding them are for them or the kinship remains a mystery until the next episode.

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